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NCT accused of cultural appropriation from recent comeback photos

  • In the recent comeback photos, NCT was shown in a building said to be similar to mosques; in another photo Jeno was allegedly wearing durags

  • Fans were quick to act on the Jeno issue and have already mass emailed SM

  • However, there is an ongoing (Twitter) debate regarding the use of the building

  • Some argue that the building was not necessarily a mosque but a "Middle Eastern/South Asian architecture" because "there is no Islamic architecture"

  • Others argue that it was "Aladdin-inspired because the song is about Making a Wish;" however, people were quick to point out that the Aladdin concept excuse does not sit right

  • Some people also argue that "houses in North Africa look like that" and are therefore not mosques

  • As of writing, the fanbase hasn't mass emailed SM regarding the architecture and SM has yet to answer the issues surrounding these

Source: @NCTsmtown (1, 2), @babyjzen_7, @Ilef_BE_7, @ava13swiftie, @TEARHOYAA, @banggbanggtann, @nonmooniphobic, @The_Arkness, @Sungchan4D

Thoughts, Omona?
Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, nct

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