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hello 태태

OMONA EXCLUSIVE! Greatest Lyrics in K-Pop (Pt.2)

Sometimes, you gotta be bold we listen to dark, emotional, sad, or even fun songs and we're getting into it, until these lines come out and then you don't know how to react.

Please note! I didn't include solos just yet. Also because LJ hates too much media, there's another part coming your way after this. Anyway, this is all in good fun and enjoy!

4minuteCollapse )

EXIDCollapse )

GOT7Collapse )

ITZYCollapse )

KARACollapse )

miss ACollapse )

Red VelvetCollapse )

Sechs KiesCollapse )

SuperMCollapse )


Stray KidsCollapse )

TVXQCollapse )

Wonder GirlsCollapse )

ZE:ACollapse )

Sources: 4minute Official Youtube Channel, EXID_OFFICIAL, SMTOWN (1, 2), GOT7, ITZY, SEVENTEEN, JYP Entertainment, Nam Changmin, wondergirls, DSP Media, MBCkpop, ZEA2011, miss A

Y'all there's still a lot more lmao I have yet to add B2ST, SISTAR, VIXX, etc. but again, if there's more, feel free to comment it down below. Mods, would it be okay to pin this post for a while? Thank you!
Tags: !omona exclusive, 4minute, dong bang shin ki, exid, got7, itzy, kara, miss a, red velvet, sechskies, seventeen, stray kids, super m, wonder girls, ze:a

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