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OMONA EXCLUSIVE! Greatest Lyrics in K-Pop (Pt.2)

Sometimes, you gotta be bold we listen to dark, emotional, sad, or even fun songs and we're getting into it, until these lines come out and then you don't know how to react.

Please note! I didn't include solos just yet. Also because LJ hates too much media, there's another part coming your way after this. Anyway, this is all in good fun and enjoy!

"Get ya big ass home right now." (Is It Poppin? by 4minute)
A reminder from 4minute during this pandemic

Runner-up: "Yeah, I'm the female monster, you know that." (Crazy)

"How stupid, little dumb dumb, stop now." (DDD by EXID)
LE wants you to stop now

Runner-up: "Don't tell me your feel." (ME&YOU)

"You are a part of me; you and me, we are one. You're the reason for my life; if you're not here, I'm not here." (You Calling My Name by GOT7)
Surprisingly not a Jackson line. The emotions on this one.

Runner-up: "Yeah, you're a baby monster." (She's a monster)

"You're hippity hippity hop." (iD by ITZY)
...so a rabbit?

Runner-up: "Hot like a lava, fresh like Havana." (WANT IT?)

"If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty." (Pretty Girl by KARA)
I still know the whole choreography for this, no lie.

Runner-up: "We bringing new love to the floor, rocking what's real la couture." (Lupin)

"Haha. JYP introducing Made in Asia! Miss A!" (Bad Girl Good Girl by miss A)
J.Y.Parktheasiansoul wrote the song so you bet he's going to introduce miss A

Runner-up: "You touch my heart, baby, touch touch." (Touch)

"Whoo! Are you ready for this? Zimzalabim!" (Zimzalabim by Red Velvet)
I know not everyone's a fan but this was a fun song lmao

Runner-up: Irene's whole Michael Jackson rap in Dumb Dumb

"The fucking dick is in your pussy." (Chivalry by Sechs Kies)
The irony of it being in a song called Chivalry

Runner-up: "The freaky boys are coming; yes they're really coming." (The Way This Guy Lives)

"Coz when we jumping, it's popping, we jopping." (Jopping by SuperM)
This was stuck in my head for days when it first came out lmao

Runner-up: "Got me comma, commas." (No Manners)

"You're so ice ice baby." (Pretty U by SEVENTEEN)
It's not as bad as the others, ig.

Runner-up: "Apple juice watching sing street." (Check In)

"I'm a Bear Grylls." (MIROH by Stray Kids)
Excuse me, that's Bear Grylls OBE to the rest of us.

Runner-up: "Cookin' like a chef, I'm a 5-star Michelin." (God's Menu)

"I really wanna touch myself." (Purple Line by TVXQ)
I refuse to subject anyone to Park Toilet's voice and face so I'll give you the 2VXQ version instead. Also it's from their Japan tour so sorry if it's in Japanese. But still. Bask in the Kings of J-Pop among K-Pop idols and watch them perform in a stadium in Japan ✊😌

Runner-up: "I can't never forget to me, dangerous your mind." (Dangerous Mind)

"All the boys be loving me, girls be hating me, and they will never stop 'cause they know I'm so hot, hot." (So Hot by Wonder Girls)
A cultural reset tbh

Runner-up: "Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free." (Nobody)

"Latin Girl, Mexican Girl, Korean Girl, Japan Girl" (Mazeltov by ZE:A)
You guys think they think this is just a fever dream?

Runner-up: "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mazeltov." (Mazeltov; this song is a goldmine I'm sorry)

Sources: 4minute Official Youtube Channel, EXID_OFFICIAL, SMTOWN (1, 2), GOT7, ITZY, SEVENTEEN, JYP Entertainment, Nam Changmin, wondergirls, DSP Media, MBCkpop, ZEA2011, miss A

Y'all there's still a lot more lmao I have yet to add B2ST, SISTAR, VIXX, etc. but again, if there's more, feel free to comment it down below. Mods, would it be okay to pin this post for a while? Thank you!
Tags: !omona exclusive, 4minute, dong bang shin ki, exid, got7, itzy, kara, miss a, red velvet, sechskies, seventeen, stray kids, super m, wonder girls, ze:a

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