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Day6 Jae gets into trouble with stan twitter

Jae has been on twitch streaming and said things that got him into trouble with stan twitter.

1. Stray Kids

"(reading a comment) Where are Stray Kids?
How the hell would I know where Stray Kids are. Do I look like I'm at JYP right now? Does this look like the JYP building to you? Like this is just one room, there's like a training room in JYP? Is that what you think? No, please, please tell me, let me know if you think this looks like JYP - How the hell would I know where Stray Kids are."

2. JYP

"(reading a comment) JYP sucks
What do you mean? Wai-How- Ok, tell me how JYP sucks. Bro, I have nothing but the most utter high respect for JY. He's literally the number 1... like number 1 songwriter in Korea. Like just mathematically, statistically, he makes the most money each year. He literally has a song where he talks about how he was- Let's- Oh my god, you guys [inaudible] stupid... [inaudible] stupid right now. [...]
(reading a comment) JYP sucks?!
Dude, you guys are-Ok, I'm gonna make you feel stupid right now. [shows JYP's Stay alive music video and cites the lyrics about how JYP has been successful all these decades] He's still hitting number 1. He's hit number 1 from the 90s to the 2000s, 2010s to all the way to like maybe a year ago. Guys, how does JYP suck? He has literally been number 1 on the charts in Korea for 30 years. 30+ years. Please tell me how he sucks. You guys are actually stupid...if you think he sucks. And this is for all the people in the fandoms who are like JYP mistreats the teams, JYP doesn't mistreat the teams.

"Everything brought to you by the company is not run by JY. If oyu guys are gonna blame someone, blame the company, not JY. Okay. Or whatever division they're under. No, no, it's never one persons fault. Listen. It is not JY's fault that the management of whatever you like treats them in a certain way. JYP gets all my respect, okay, all of it. Punto finale. It's done, over. That's it. I don't care if all of you leave after hearing that, but that's my opinion on it. Ummm...but yeah, JYP doesn't suck. And you're stupid if you think that, because he's literally owned the music business for the last 40 years. 30 something years. Okay? Facts."

3. Sarcasm

A while later, he deleted his tweets and uploaded an apology.

source: yienjay, bonanasweg, chuwebs, VENOMJOON 2, Jae_Day6

What are your thoughts Omona? Is stan twitter overreacting or has a point? Or like so often, both?
Tags: day6, social media/youtube, u in danger girl
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