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♪ Omona's Pick - "Let's get Funky" playlist ♪

For the third installment on this exclusive let's move to the funky side of town.
Since the playlist is quite long and LJ sucks at handling too many media I'll just post my top 5 + the full playlist.
As you'll notice "funk" and "retro" (as well as an hint of disco) might overlap, so I decided to make a maxi playlist for those of you gluttons who want to listen to it all (do enjoy 4+ hours of kpop flawlessness).

Side note: while the girls reign supreme over the retro style, the boys came in full force for this one. I did manage to get some queens in, but it's mostly a boys club...


Honorable mention:

Retro playlist (uptaded) - Lounge Bar playlist - The maxi retro/funk playlist
♪ Next playlist: Indie Gems ♪

* special thanks to apricotsunrises for their help.

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