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Remembering Sulli: One Year Later


Sulli was a regular fixture in my life from the moment f(x) debuted and I continued to follower her after she left the group in 2015. I was heartbroken and so incredibly angry when I learned of her death last year, viewing it as a failure on the part of SM to protect it's idols. 

I know it's already the 15th in South Korea but I didn't see a post and wanted to make one to create a space for us to remember her, post our favorite photos and videos, and discuss if and what changes have been made since her death to protect others in the industry. 

Shortly after her death the BBC wrote a beautiful article celebrating the woman she was and highlighting how she pushed back against the K-pop world to try and make it a better place for herself and others. Below are some of my favorite excepts:

"Female K-pop stars are expected to be cute and lovely while being obedient to public reception. Sulli didn't fit this mould. She was one who intentionally raised her voice and wanted to be heard," said Yoonha Kim, a K-pop critic based in Korea... 

She spoke openly about her struggles with mental health issues, cyberbullying - and even her romantic relationships, which many K-pop stars are banned from doing by their management.

The 25 year old insisted women should be free to dress as they pleased, and she herself was often strongly criticized for not wearing a bra in public...

"To many of Sulli's critics, even something as innocuous as posting pictures [of herself] with her boyfriend was considered a controversial move," said Calixto.

But she continued speaking out, firm in her conviction that her haters had no right to silence her.

"She brazenly spoke out based on her own beliefs. These nonconforming, loud and bold female stars have to risk their entire career to be who they are," said Kim."

Sources: Instagram, BBC

Omona: What are your favorite memories of Sulli? 

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