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SM Entertainment takes legal action for malicious rumours about trainee Yoo Ji Min

On October 15, SM Entertainment issued the following statement:

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Recently, rumors about the company’s trainee Yoo Ji Min have been circulating on the internet. While the information is false and fabricated, endlessly creating more malicious rumors and making baseless attacks on a trainee who has her debut ahead of her is considered a serious act of defamation of her honor and character.

In order to protect the honor and character of our artists and trainees, the company will not tolerate defamation and the circulation of malicious rumors online, and we will take civil and criminal legal action against these illegal acts.

We have appointed Kim & Chang Law Firm as our legal representative, and on October 14, 2020, we filed a legal complaint at the Gangnam Police Station for defamation, insult, etc. against those who have performed malicious acts regarding Yoo Ji Min.

We will continue to take serious action against those who continue to fabricate rumors or post and spread these rumors on social media and online communities after this.

The company has continuously monitored the artists and taken legal action to protect them, and we will continue to take strong legal action against misconduct aimed at our artists and trainees after this case.

Thank you.

Source: Naver via Soompi, @Soompi

Does anyone know what happened prior to this?
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