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Gov't to disclose information on fathers who don't pay child support

The government is pushing ahead with a plan to disclose personal information about parents refusing to pay child support, according to the Ministry of Education, Thursday.

During a ministerial-level meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Yoo Eun-hae announced that her ministry will seek all possible measures to support children and adolescents from single-parent families so that they can receive quality education and care.

"The education ministry plans to disclose the list of those ex-spouses who do not pay child support as it is not simply a financial issue but an important matter that is closely related to children's survival," Yoo said.

There is already a website called Bad Fathers, disclosing the personal information of men and women accused of refusing to pay child support. Their ex-spouses provided identifying information such as name, address, occupation, date of birth and even photos of them to post on the website, which was founded in July 2018.

In January, the operator of the website was found not guilty of defaming the parents listed on the site. Prosecutors at that time said the information posted on the website could hurt the reputation of the people outed and that such information was not in the realm of public interest, but the final ruling noted that the operation of the site did contribute to the public benefit by drawing attention to the hardships of the parents who did not receive the child support.

However, according to the Child Support Agency, which was launched in 2015, the support fulfillment rate was only 36.6 percent last year.

In this regard, the government decided to promote the disclosure of the list of non-payers of child support. It has a plan to amend the Child Support Implementation Act in order to deal with noncustodial parents who do not regularly pay child support.

By country, 14 including the United States, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany criminally punish parents who willfully fail to pay child support. In addition, Australia and New Zealand have already banned parents who don't pay child support from leaving the country, while the U.S., the United Kingdom and Canada subject them to restrictions including the suspension of their driver's licenses.

In Korea, due to the recent revision of the Child Support Implementation Act, it is now possible to suspend the driver's licenses of parents who do not provide child support.

source: The Korea Times
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