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Why so many are angry with Korean Englishman and Gabie Kook

Korean Englishman host Josh Carrott and his wife, fellow YouTuber Gabie Kook, are at the center of an online storm after not only breaking Korean COVID-19 l regulations but filming themselves doing so. Still within their mandatory two-week self-quarantine period after traveling from Britain to South Korea, they celebrated Gabie’s birthday by welcoming friends at their door and receiving gifts. The birthday girl even removed her mask to put on lipstick and blow out candles – albeit trying to keep her distance.

The whole thing was arranged by Josh, as well as being published on the Gabie Kook channel, which has since been emptied of all of its content despite having well over a million subscribers. But has the backlash been unfair?

I don't follow either of them, but I think this video does a good job of explaining the situation. KOREA NOW is Yonhap News' YouTube Channel.

Tags: current events, health, social media/youtube

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