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After 6 years and 22 members, nugu group Badkiz disbands

Badkiz member Rozi recently revealed on Instagram that the group had disbanded. Badkiz debuted on March 24, 2014 with "Ear Attack" and gradually evolved their sound over the years from wacky EDM dance-pop, to sexy club bops, to a more mature pop sound, then back to the wacky EDM dance-pop... As a nugu group, they tried out numerous different concepts to see what would stick, as well as rotating their lineup with almost every comeback. They even changed their name to Hot Place in 2019, before changing it back to Badkiz in 2020.

The most well-known and long-lasting member of Badkiz was the half-Korean, half-German Monika, who was the group's leader and main vocalist from their debut until 2018. She is now a soloist; her most recent release is "Say It," a stripped-down R&B track that shows off her deep voice nicely. I also highly recommend her Latin-pop-ish jam "Luvidu."

Whereas most nugu groups tend to fizzle out after a few months or years, Badkiz are notable for simply refusing to die as a group. Their company just would not give up! Until now, it seems... but I wouldn't be surprised if they reform the group with an all-new lineup at some point in the future. I have to wonder what goes on at Zoo Entertainment. They seem to have an extremely high turnover for their idols, even compared to other nugu companies.

Let's look back at some of Badkiz' most notable releases...

Written by superstar K-pop producer Shinsadong Tiger (a pretty big get for such a small group), Badkiz' 2014 release "Babomba" is their catchiest song IMO. It's got a big, in-your-face, danceable hook that reminds me of Tiger's later work with Momoland. The video is a low-budget yet incredibly charming slapstick in which the women of the world rise up to slap creepy dudes with a pie to the face, and Badkiz play a gang of schoolgirl vigilantes.

By 2016, Badkiz had transitioned to a sexier kind of image, but their sound was very much still in the fun, danceable, brassy category. "Hothae" is an underrated summer jam with a very memorable squealing saxophone riff. You may want to skip the MV if excessive butt shots aren't your thing, though.

2018's "Just One Day" was Badkiz' first release without Monika, and the group was barely recognizable given their change in concept. The song is designed to appeal more to mainstream K-pop tastes, with a trendy tropical house sound and a much more serious delivery. A good addition to any chill, breezy summer playlist.

The group's final single, "TMI" was released in 2019 while they were going by Hot Place, and once again their lineup had rotated completely (except for member Eunyu, who was on her fourth stage name at this point, having previously been known by Jeje, Kira, and her real name, Somin.) Despite having changed everything else, the group had returned to their roots: "TMI" is a loud, silly EDM bop in the very same vein as their debut "Ear Attack." I also detect some trot influence in this one.

Judging by their Makestar campaign this summer, Badkiz had been planning one more comeback this year, but it didn't seem to pan out. I'm hoping at least one of the 22 alumni of this group will eventually speak out about their experience, and maybe shed some light on the ever-revolving lineup and dogged tenacity of Zoo Entertainment in keeping this train wreck rolling. Farewell (for now?), Badkiz!

Source: Instagram: black__rozi, YouTube: XanXhi5, TongTongTv, rhybeat (1, 2)

have you heard of this group, Omona? favorite badkiz bops?
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