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Jeongyeon Will Be Absent From ‘Eyes wide open’ Performances & Activities, Struggling With Anxiety

The Announcement By JYPE:

“Hello, this is JYPE.

We would like to inform you about TWICE member Jeongyeon’s current health situation and her further participation in TWICE’s activity.

Currently, Jeongyeon is experiencing psychological anxiousness in moving forward with her schedule. Therefore, after deep discussions with Jeongyeon herself and other TWICE members, we have decided that it is needed for Jeongyeon to have sufficient rest and absolute stability, accompanied by professional medical measures.

Because we value our artists’ mental and physical health more than anything, we inform you that Jeongyeon will be unable to attend TWICE’s activities regarding the 2nd Full Album for the time being. We will keep you updated on any changes in the future.

We ask for your love and support for Jeongyeon’s full recovery.

Thank you.”

Jeongyeon suffered a neck injury while preparing for More & More. Just like Mina’s hiatus in 2019, she’s included in the album and will be in the MV but will not be performing until she’s comfortable. JYPE will update when she’s ready to proceed with activities with Twice.

Source: fans.jype.com

I have my feelings on this that I’ll save for the comment section. But overall I only want the best for Jeongyeon, I want her to take as much time as she needs and I hope she knows her fans around the world have her in our thoughts. We love you, Jeongyeon!

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Because we value our artists’ mental and physical health more than anything
My eyes hit the back of my skull reading this. Of course they care about their artists' health, of course, cuz why else would they let someone with a serious injury such as a herniated disk perform something like M&M if it isn't because they care. I say this for the billionth time but FUCK JYP, and I mean the man.

I'm sick, SICK of people defending this horseshit of a company every time something like this happens just because they allowed her to take a break now that she could no longer force herself to perform. This could have been prevented, this break could have been giving to her before her neck was hurt enough that it needed surgery. But that is a no no for a company that "cares" for the wellbeing of their artists.

Hope she takes as much time as she needs, I don't care if it's a year or ten as long as she's fully recovered. Both physically & mentally. And God do I hope the girls can survive the remaining of their contract -_-
MTE, it's being reactive instead of proactive. The break should have come earlier.

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9 months ago

Oh no! I hope she feels better soon ❤️
Honestly she needed to be on break AS SOON AS she got a neck injury. It's just way too dangerous to try to keep up with Twice's schedule with such an important injury. She needs rest and time out of the public eye. I would argue that all of Twice needs a long break, they're always so busy. Who is going to follow Mina and Jeongyeon next? It's already much better than many companies that they can be in photoshoot/MVs but skip performances as long as needed, but it's just a bandaid. The main problem is still them pushing themselves while the company just keeps packing up their schedule without decent breaks.
With my regular office job, I need a break every five months or so, otherwise I just can't be productive anymore. The more I "grow up" and spend time as an adult, the more I'm baffled and angry over kpop's management model. They're all basically running, hoping they won't burn out too quickly...
oh man. neck/back problems aren't something to fuck around with. i wouldn't be surprised if it got worse with all the activities they've been doing this year. :(

being in pain unfortunately takes a toll on your mental health; i really feel for her. i don't wanna see people applaud JYP for doing the bare minimum, especially when this could've been prevented had they just given her proper time off when she first got injured. 😒
I hope she gets all the rest she needs.
First Mina, now Jeongyeon. JYPE needs to give them a vacation.


October 17 2020, 17:56:10 UTC 9 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 17:56:57 UTC

I'm not a huge huge fan of Twice, but I follow them enough to have an idea of their schedule and the amount of work that they do. And....the one thought that always comes up for me regarding them is "Wow, are they even human? They seem to be everywhere all the time, and always working". I'm not surprised at all that Jeongyeon needs to take a break. She should be. They all should be.

My thoughts were really cemented with M&M, especially the lives...they all looked absolutely exhausted. I really don't get why JYPE insists on having Twice come back more than once a year. They don't need to anymore! They always look beautiful and they really do give their all but they also look worn down. There's 3 minutes of them performing well, but its the 10 seconds after their performance of watching them struggle to breathe and fall over that sticks with me more.

I hope that this break is restful for her, and that she listens to her body for what it needs. I hope she gets to eat whatever she wants to, sleep when she wants to, and is able to rest and reset.
hoping she gets well soon

Are we allowed to say they have a crazy schedule now? And, no, idgaf if someone said "we love being busy."
I think we are allowed to scream it now
why didn't they gave her a break when she got the injury? she was walking to music shows with an orthopedic collar ffs

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poor dear, i dont really follow twice but i am wishing her all of the best.
TWICE are so fucking overworked it isn't even funny. These girls have been doing like 3 or 4 comebacks a year since debut. Give them a damn break. Jeongyeon is my fave and this situation is eerily reminiscent of Mina's situation. I do wonder how long she will go on hiatus for, but I hope that she will actually get the time to heal properly. She should have taken the time off from M&M instead of now, this is how injuries worsen. I just wish her all the best because this has got to be hard for her.
They need a year off, they're being worked to the bone.
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