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Jeongyeon Will Be Absent From ‘Eyes wide open’ Performances & Activities, Struggling With Anxiety

The Announcement By JYPE:

“Hello, this is JYPE.

We would like to inform you about TWICE member Jeongyeon’s current health situation and her further participation in TWICE’s activity.

Currently, Jeongyeon is experiencing psychological anxiousness in moving forward with her schedule. Therefore, after deep discussions with Jeongyeon herself and other TWICE members, we have decided that it is needed for Jeongyeon to have sufficient rest and absolute stability, accompanied by professional medical measures.

Because we value our artists’ mental and physical health more than anything, we inform you that Jeongyeon will be unable to attend TWICE’s activities regarding the 2nd Full Album for the time being. We will keep you updated on any changes in the future.

We ask for your love and support for Jeongyeon’s full recovery.

Thank you.”

Jeongyeon suffered a neck injury while preparing for More & More. Just like Mina’s hiatus in 2019, she’s included in the album and will be in the MV but will not be performing until she’s comfortable. JYPE will update when she’s ready to proceed with activities with Twice.

Source: fans.jype.com

I have my feelings on this that I’ll save for the comment section. But overall I only want the best for Jeongyeon, I want her to take as much time as she needs and I hope she knows her fans around the world have her in our thoughts. We love you, Jeongyeon!

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October 17 2020, 12:15:32 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 12:16:01 UTC

Aw I wish her the best. Anxiety is the worst.
Wishing her the best


October 17 2020, 12:27:09 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 12:30:58 UTC

So some of my thoughts:

I think we’re seeing Mina’s situation all over again with Jeongyeon :( Mina was injured last year and it affected her performing, which definitely played a part in Mina’s anxiety since she was to give it her all on stage and she couldn’t. Plus all the pressure they receive, I’m sure someone who hates Twice will give her grief for not performing like the other girls if she’s still struggling with her neck.

Tbh, her injury was severe - she shouldn’t have been performing during More & More comeback, she should’ve been absent during that too. At the online concert, I felt for her since she often looked uncomfortable sitting in the chair singing, probably since her neck still hurt and it’s just not the same not being able to dance with your group. I know Jeongyeon said she was feeling a lot better in a v-live but her injury needs more recovery time and tbh she might not perform the same on stage for a long time or even ever :(

Also speaking of pressure, I have what might be a triggering thought so I’ll put it under a spoiler, it’s regarding weight: [Spoiler (click to open)]Jeongyeon said she’s gained weight since she needs to take her medication after meals, which is completely normal. She’s probably eating more than she usually does since idols are expected to diet. I’m not faulting any of that. My concern is the pressure from fans and viewers again - just as I mentioned above, I’m sure someone will go after her weight since she’s not a size 0 or 2 right now. Or it could even be on JYPE’s end, they might be pressuring her to lose weight and with everything she’s dealing with, that could be contributing to the anxiety. I think it has a lot to do with things being out of your control, like the injury, and having people call you lazy, fat, etc. She doesn’t deserve any of that.

Edit: I don’t know what Jeongyeon’s anxiety is like or where it’s rooted in so I can’t talk on that. Specifically on the injury though, I feel like this could’ve been prevented if they didn’t push learning difficult choreo in a short time period, maybe Jeongyeon wouldn’t have been injured. Or maybe if they truly gave her proper recovery she would’ve made much more progress than expecting her to perform when she’s not ready.

I just really feel for her and hope she feels better soon :( Hopefully Mina can share helpful words with her as Mina has been in her shoes regarding pressure of being an idol enhancing any type of anxiety they have prior.
I saw a lot of people saying that Twice are resting this year and barely doing anything which is such obvious bs to anyone who's following them. I'm honestly worried about them all because they've been working almost nonstop since debut and as a top gg they are always in the spotlight.

I'm glad Jeongyeon is taking a break but like you said, she's still gonna be under a lot of pressure and it's not a long term solution :/


7 months ago

Her health, physical and mental, is the priority so I'm glad she's taking a break. I'm guessing her neck injury is still giving her trouble and ultimately everything became too much for her.

As this seems like a similar situation to Mina's, I can't help but wonder if this would become a pattern for Twice. They were overworked to the bone and all the pressure to keep the same level of success must fuck with you big time. I hope I'm wrong :(

Wishing her all the best and I hope she doesn't feel guilty for betraying the group and/or fans, all we want is for her to be happy and healthy.
I do think there’s a pattern happening unfortunately :(


6 months ago

aw no i don't know twice very well but i love her and her stage presence! but mental health is most important so i'm hoping she truly gets all the rest and support she needs, with no feelings of guilt


October 17 2020, 13:28:03 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 13:30:53 UTC

I feel for Jeongyeon fans/stans right now. I saw on IG her fan pages being sad that Jeongyeon couldn’t appear on a show appearance, and then hours later got the news that Jeongyeon won’t be involved in activities regarding this comeback. The girls have to skip stuff from time to time but I don’t think they were expecting this announcement
It’s been worrying seeing her struggle and look uncomfortable during performances, so rest is definitely good. I just don’t know when is the limit for them because it’s definitely not healthy. Maybe there needs to be a new model where idols can put out music and not be stuck to forever working, since touring is not an option anytime soon too
i'm really sad for her, i wish her all the best, i hope she can rest for a long time and heal
I agree it is very reminiscent of Mina’s injury. It must be really difficult to be dealing with physical pain and not having any time to rest and recover whilst still having to smile and act cute and breezy for the camera.
Either way - hope she gets as much time as she needs to recover! Glad she still got to participate in the recording 🧡🧡
i love jeongyeon more than anything and i'm so sad for her. i'm so glad she's putting herself first and taking care. i hope she doesn't feel too much stress or pressure to return quickly. in a way, it gives me some comfort that mina already experienced a similar situation (while also frustrating and making me mad that this is happening again) so hopefully that will be some level of strength and comfort to jeongyeon. it can show her that onces will still be cheering for her while wishing her well and missing her. as a jeongyeon stan, i'll really miss her presence but i hope she takes all the time she needs and finally gets the rest and care she deserves!
I don't follow Twice so from an outsider perspective this just seems to me that her neck injury/pain has gotten to the point where it affects her mental health as well. I really hope she gets help dealing with her mental health but also some kind of physiotherapy or whatever you use to deal with herniated discs. She really needs to get to 100% before she resumes activities, her career won't last forever but those injuries might...


October 17 2020, 15:03:07 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 15:03:53 UTC

This sucks so bad. We saw the warning signs with More & More where she requested that her fancams not be posted. I really really really wish she didn’t participate in that comeback and just rested. I feel like that cb just exacerbated her injury and caused her to be even more insecure. :((((
We saw how sad the girls were without Mina and I’m anticipating the same energy this time around. Like, say what you want about Twice but there’s nobody that is more “nine or none” than they are.
Obligatory fuck jype btw.

Also, I have almost no doubt in my mind that she will get through this bc I truly believe she’s strong, but I want her to reaaaally take the time off she needs and not worry too much about Onces or god forbid, knetz.


6 months ago


6 months ago


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6 months ago


6 months ago


October 17 2020, 15:11:33 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 15:11:45 UTC

God, the realisation that we’ll be counting members to see if there’s 8 or 9 all over again for a while.... yeah this hurts. This hurts a lot.

jype please let the girls rest for like 4 months, they're the nation's gg, they're not gonna be forgotten about or overtaken

4 months minimum of doing literally nothing except getting wages and royalties for album sales

then maybe start up with the dancing again

just let the girls RECOVER
I shouldn’t be surprised they don’t get multiple months off when I remember a post here saying BTS got a month of vacation and it was a huge deal? That was literally one month


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago

Sigh. This is so similar to Mina's situation, and honestly isn't that surprising considering how overworked these girls have been for the past idk what it is now, 5 years? They've had historically more comebacks than any other group I can think of, that's gonna take its toll on the body. I strongly suspect even 2 cbs a year involve a tremendous amount of work bts and then promoting.

I hope she takes all the time she needs to recover and JYP takes a long hard stare at wtf they're doing to their artists (lol they won't)
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