waves_of_light (waves_of_light) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Dance video roundup with Lovelyz, Lee Suhyun & WEi

Dance Relay with Lovelyz covering SNSD's "Gee"

Lee Suhyun "Alien" dance practice

Gap Crush with WEi "Twilight"

source: M2, AKMU, 1theK Originals
Tags: akdong musician, cover, dance video/practice, lovelyz, nugu, solo activities
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What in the Kissing You hell is that WEi video 😬 They're dressed like children!
Oh i thought they looked cute lol
lol I'm sorry! The toys and the pinwheels are just too much for me!
Lolita concept for guys?
I would love to see the director's notes. "Please act like you're 8 years old" I CRINGE
did they just use a ot9 version of gee?? jessica's voice sounds pretty prominent here