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Tteokbokki voted No. 1 comfort food amid pandemic

"Tteokbokki," a popular snack made from rice cakes and red chili pepper sauce, has been voted the No. 1 food to lift the Korean people's spirits during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Seoul Metropolitan Government said Saturday.

In an online survey in September, the city government asked people to name their favorite comfort food and got more than 10,000 responses nationwide.

Tteokbokki was followed by fried chicken, kimchi stew, pork belly, "samgyetang" (chicken and ginseng soup), instant noodles, "doenjang" (soybean paste) stew, cake, beef, and chicken feet.

Other foods that didn't make it into the top 10 included pizza, ice cream, "galbijjim" (beef rib stew), kimchi, and seaweed soup, the government said.

The survey was carried out as part of Taste of Seoul, a culinary event that will run in the capital from Nov. 11 to 15.

More than half, or 57 percent, of participants were women, with people in their 20s and 30s accounting for the largest age group at 61 percent. By region, Seoul was the most common at 32.6 percent followed by Gyeonggi Province at 23 percent.

The city government said voters gave various reasons for choosing their favorite comfort foods.

One voter from Incheon was quoted as saying they chose tteokbokki because it releases stress and tastes good, and that if eaten together with "sundae" (Korean blood sausage) and fried seafood and vegetables, it can help them forget all their troubles and focus on enjoying the act of eating.

The government also noted that among the 50 foreigners in Seoul who took part in the vote, the result wasn't much different.

Aiyanyo Titi of Nigeria said she has tteokbokki often and once cried like an actress in a Korean TV drama because it was so spicy.

Sara Rousalova from the Czech Republic also chose tteokbokki, saying it's her go-to food whenever she feels sad or lonely.

"It's a great food to get rid of all negative thoughts," she was quoted as saying. "It gives me the spiciness, warmth and smoothness I need when I am feeling depressed."

Details of Taste of Seoul will be posted online Monday at www.tasteofseoul.visitseoul.net and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/tasteofseoul2020) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/tasteofseoul2020).

"We decided to try something new to add vitality to Seoul tourism in the age of the coronavirus, when many things are paused, distanced, and different," Joo Yong-tae, a city official overseeing tourism, said.

"As the saying goes, good food can provide comfort when no one and nothing else can," he added. "We hope that through food we will be able to encourage each other and experience the true taste of gastronomic Seoul."

Omona, what's been your comfort food in 2020?

source: The Korea Times
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Omona, what's been your comfort food in 2020?

Anything with high calories

I love tteokbokki too but here is too expensive
rice cakes, fried chicken, instant noodles, baked goods, spicy salty things with beer..

i feel a bit guilty for eating like trash, but there is also a pandemic happening..

All the junk food, honestly. I've been eating so much more snacks than ever before.
Omona, what's been your comfort food in 2020?

mac n cheese and instant ramen
my comfort food is pasta :D

i like chicken or eggplant parmesan and chicken broccoli alfredo <3
Pad Thai, Korean Curry, and Japanese Sweet Potatoes have been mine this year. The colder weather means I'll be having the last two so much more too ^_^
Mine is chocolate chip cookies. Covid turned me into a person who bakes and I've been baking my own cookies and cakes with varying levels of success, but it's nice to have a batch of homemade cookies on hand.
i don't really like tteokbokki, is there something wrong with me? i LOVE tteok kkochi though i have some tteok in the fridge to make that for late night snacks this week heheheh.

also i'm making doenjang jjigae tomorrow now that its gotten a bit colder.

honestly pretty sure my comfort foods are mostly just sweets (cookies, ice cream) and instant ramen.
also garlic pasta with lots of parmesan
basically anything with chocolate. 😂 i've indulged in a lot of ben & jerry's this year......
I love tteokbokki, I wish I could get it here easier but with the pandemic I don't leave my house.
I know it's unhealthy AF, but my comfort food, well drink, has been Coke.
tteokbokki definitely is a great comfort food! another one of mine has been dumplings, saag paneer curry, fried rice and just any form of takeout
My comfort food has been green beans, rice and a fries egg.

Why? Idk, but it warms my soul

I try not to eat them all the time (because I can) but 3 weeks ago I bought my first box of the year, and now I can't stop.
And I'm sorry for the people I will hurt but I'm a soggy cereals eater. With hot milk. YES.
HOT milk?

*mind blown*


3 months ago


3 months ago


October 18 2020, 14:22:33 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  October 18 2020, 14:26:33 UTC

fried chicken + anything with cheese. Also i’ve been eating a lot of potato chips lately it’s crazy. Before this pandemic I’d eat chips like once a month, now I’ve been eating them almost every weekend and it takes a lot in me not to eat them every day

i have never liked teokkbokki though, idk. if i had to choose a korean comfort food it’d be bingsu or dumplings
Since I have been working from home I have been cooking myself and learning to cook things as a i go along so it has been
Bagels with kimchi spam and egg
Soufflé pancake
Rice cooker cheese cake
Hash brown with corned beef and cheese
Jian bing
Cheesy pasta (parmesan is a must!!!)
And yesterday I started baking cookies.
So cookies will probably be my latest thing until I get the recipe to exactly how I want it

I've also noticed that the things I make have gotten more calorific as I have gone along

During the summer I was making a lot of milkshakes.

Snacks wise. I literally just bulk ordered Haribo, and kinder Bueno is a fave of mine.
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