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OMONA EXCLUSIVE! Greatest Lyrics in K-Pop (Pt.3)

Sometimes, you gotta be bold we listen to dark, emotional, sad, or even fun songs and we're getting into it, until these lines come out and then you don't know how to react.

Please note! The solos are coming after this. Also, this is all in good fun so please enjoy!

"Hey! No matter where you go, the pretty girls are AOA. You know, you know, I'm good, I'm hot, I'm fresh, I'm fly." (Like A Cat by AOA)
I remember jamming to this a wholeass lot back when it was first released

Runner-up: "I will kick you." (Get Out)

"You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket." (Beautiful Target by B1A4)
Throwback to when CNU still had that long hair

Runner-up: "Very boring, oh boring." (Rolling)

"I can't take my breath, breath, breath." (Breath by BEAST)
Maybe invest in some Listerine or Crest mouthwash idk

Runner-up: "Everyday, I shock; every night, I shock." (Shock) | "I'm heart sick, heal me, be crazy, can't let you go." (Bad Girl; I went on a nostalgia trip with this song bye)

"Yeah, love is pain—dedicated to all my broken-hearted people. One's old a flame; just scream my name. And I'm so sick of love songs. Yeah, I hate damn love songs, momento of ours." (Lies by BIGBANG)
I refuse to let y'all see S*ungri's nasty ass as much as I like this song. Anyway, since I'm always confused by this and the Haru Haru MV, this is the MV where TOP was in a grocery pushcart and Haru Haru is the one where he and GD were fighting over a girl.

Runner-up: "Francis Bacon in my kitchen." (Zutter) | "Tes yeux fermés, ton odeur, ta voix me rend plus profonds comme le rouge de ton vin préféré." (GD⊤ Baby Good Night)

"I need suction." (HER by Block B)
I'm sorry what

Runner-up: "Scream errbody 'cause I'm gonna gonna get you wet." (Block B BASTARZ; Make It Rain)

"Fire in the hole when you touch me down there. I'm not feeling very well, so hot in down there. Fire in the hole when you come in right there." (Warm Hole by Brown Eyed Girls)
sis, maybe get that checked out because I would be very concerned if I were you...

Runner-up: "I got high blood pressure, I gotta need some fresh air." (Brave New World)

"Yeah, my mind must satisfy all of your think, okay?" (Robot [English Version] by CNBLUE)
It literally does not make sense. Also the next lines sung by the inferior Jonghyun is just 😬

Runner-up: Can't stop, I'm ready, I well do relax your mind. (One Time)

"He's so dreamy, hot, and creamy." (Mysterious by Hello Venus)
Um...we know what Seo Kang Joon is, ig

Runner-up: "Like a fool, like a wave, I am waiting for you, don't leave me cry." (Like A Wave)

"Love is even more cruel than college entrance exams." (Hi High by LOONA)
I mean idk if I would compare it to college entrance exams but okay sure

Runner-up: "Been been there, never been there." (Butterfly)

"I wanna gossip girl, I wanna gossip girl, I wanna gossip, the sexy, and pretty." (Gossip Girl by Rainbow)
Dan Humphrey is shaking

Runner-up: "Just your collection line, your easy access line." (A)

"I like S.E.S. y'all! We like S.E.S. y'all! You never don't stop! You never don't quit! Kick out some sounds of the hip-hop beer!" (I'm Your Girl by S.E.S.)
There's so much to unpack here, idek where to start.

Runner-up: "The girl that I used to be you'll be changing my heart, baby I'd like that." (Love)

"Please be snooty, baby." (New world by SISTAR)
I'm personally not fond of snooty people but you do you

Runner-up: "Like a black hole, we're a top-hole couple, incredible" (Sunshine)

"I want you boy, you are my slave, shout out to my mind." (I Go Crazy Because of You by T-ARA)
Honestly I am here for this nostalgia trip

Runner-up: "You're sugar free, now you're sugar free." (Sugar Free)

"Yeah, I wanna win this race. VIXX! Haha. Value in Excelsis. Brand new boys in da buildin'! Yes sir, show we gonna make it, rookie's time! Race is exciting!" (Super Hero by VIXX)
Is it really a VIXX song without Ravi

Runner-up: Ravi's intro in hyde

Sources: AOA, BEAST Official Youtube Channel, Fantagio, RealVIXX, 1theK (1, 2), BIGBANG, Block B, Ewy chan, DSPmedia, Official SiSTAR, bbvoxlover, B1A4 Official, loonatheworld

Solos are up next so bring in those recs! Sorry I've been MIA from Omona for a bit; got a lot going on irl lol but I couldn't resist doing this. Mods, would it be okay to pin this post for a while? Thank you!
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