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Drama based on BTS has found its actors !

Named "YOUTH", the drama based on the seven members, is scheduled to premiere in 2021.
Although these characters will have the same names, they will have fictional narratives with various stories that will be told through metaphors and symbolism. Basically these characters will have the same background as the BTS characters in the HYYH series.

Seo Ji Hoon will play Kim Seok Jin.
The character gives off an aura of perfection yet struggles to express his emotions. He feels trapped in the life plans set by his father, who is in the National Assembly. Although he has been the ideal son, this all changes when he transfers schools and meets the other characters. Through them, Kim Seok Jin finally faces his true feelings and learns to accept them.
Seo Ji Hoon is known for his roles in dramas such as “To All the Guys Who Loved Me”, “Meow, the Secret Boy”, “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”, “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter,” and “School 2017”.

Noh Jong Hyun will be transforming into the character Min Yoon Gi, a boy surrounded by wild rumors. Although he can be cold on the outside, he has a heart of gold on the inside. But wherever he goes, so does the story that he murdered his mom and set fire to his home. In reality, he finds comfort in the piano after losing his mom, who meant the world to him. Then through his friendship with Jung Kook, who accepts him as he is, Min Yoon Gi finally acknowledges his troubled past and learns to move on from the pain.
Noh Jong Hyun has previously shown his skilled acting in “Kkondae Intern”, “Life on Mars”, “He is Psychometric”, “Because This Is My First Life” and more.

Ahn Ji Ho will portray will be playing the role of Jung Ho Seok, a dance prodigy with an optimistic attitude on life. Jung Ho Seok was abandoned at an amusement park when he was young, but he has grown up to be someone who emanates positive energy.
Ahn Ji Ho is a rookie actor that has already built quite an impressive repertoire including the movies “The House of Us”, “A Boy and Sungreen” and “Inseparable Bros” and the drama “Nobody Knows”.

Seo Young Joo will play Kim Nam Joon, the relatable character who wishes to have a normal life above all else. Due to his dire circumstances, he got a sense of how tough the real world can be sooner than his peers. However, that has helped him become a responsible person who handles multiple part-time jobs while being the best student at the same time.
Seo Young Joo has been in “Solomon’s Perjury”, “Girls’ Generation 1979”, “Beautiful World” and “Nobody Knows”.

The lineup for “YOUTH” features a couple of new faces:

Kim Yoon Woo has secured the role of Park Ji Min, a boy who hides a secret behind his bright smile. He struggles to have a sense of identity due to overprotective family members and a traumatic upbringing decorated with lies.

Jung Woo Jin will be playing Kim Tae Hyung, a character with a story full of pain. He lives with a hope that his alcoholic father, who changed after his wife left him, will someday return to the loving father he used to be.

The role of Jeon Jung Kook will be taken on by Jeon Jin Seo, who made a lasting impression in the drama “The World of the Married”. Having grown up in an unstable home, Jung Kook is a character who has never experienced happiness. He continues to question the purpose of life and the reason behind his own existence.

Source: Soompi via Naver

I won't even talk about the hate these guys receive because of how different they look from the members (there's only one Taehyung, deal with that people) but all the Korean Karen have decided to flood Big Hit with e-mails asking them to not use the members' names in the drama when the actual members have given their approval.
To me, look wise, the actor playing Jimin is spot on. They're all cute.
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