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Mini WJSN China-line Round-up (Video heavy)

After getting two golden masks (two wins) on Masked Dancer, Meiqi went up against The9's Liu Yuxin (who also achieved the same feat) in the season finale. Her stunning contemporary duet stole the show during the finale.

Meiqi and Yuxin have vastly different styles and at the end, after losing the 8v8 group battle but winning the couple dance, Meiqi clutched the win with the score of 30 to her opponent's 29. My personal favourite part, after the duet and her incessantly flirting with other female contestants lmao, was her first ever stage on Masked Dancer.

Meiqi will be releasing her second solo EP on the 30th of this month, the title song is 'Mute'.

Xuanyi released her first solo, '25', last month. It's a whole bop.

The dance practice video

She also recently sung a super adorable OST

Xiao's been heavily involved in acting this year, including Legend of Awakening (it's subbed but quite poorly).

She also has quite a few shows lined up to air in 2021. Xiao's also currently a regular in the variety show, 'Oh! Good Figure: Season 2', which follows the living conditions and habits of the panelists, aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle. Her cat Susu is great and her house is full of comfy vibes.

Sources: meiqisquad山支港澳小隊 (1 | 2), Genuinestar 孟美岐個人站, Douban, 吴宣仪 Wu XuanYi 海外站 (1 | 2 | 3), iQIYI 爱奇艺, 芒果TV生活风尚频道 MGTV Life Style Channel

can't wait for the annual ot13 reunion in the season's greetings shoot lmao. my heart still belongs to the relationship between wjsn's '98 line even if they all only REALLY interact once a year.
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