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JYP Entertainment releases statement in response to school violence allegations against Youngjae

JYP Entertainment has released a statement to address school bullying accusations made against GOT7’s Youngjae.

On October 20, someone posted on an online community and claimed that they had been a victim of school violence perpetrated by Youngjae. The author of the post stated that they attended Mokpo Technical High School with Youngjae and added that they had intellectual disability and hearing loss. According to the author, Youngjae had taken taken money and valuables from them and hit them for no reason.

A day after the post was uploaded, JYP Entertainment released a statement. Read it below:

Regarding the controversy surrounding JYP Entertainment artist Youngjae, we have confirmed with Youngjae that he and his classmate once had a quarrel that led to a physical fight and that they were unable to reconcile afterwards and stayed on bad terms. He told us that all other claims made by the post’s author are false.

The author of the post stated that they had sent their assertions to the agency via email, but we have not yet received any email or other form of contact from them.

We have reached out to the author to verify the exact details of the truth, but we have not been able to receive a response yet.

Therefore, we will take action based on principle by verifying the truth more precisely and preparing appropriate measures accordingly.

Source: @soompi, Naver (1, 2) via Soompi
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