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Goo Hara's trash ex found innocent of illegally filming Goo Hara's sex tape

Choi Jong-bum (29) has received final sentence of one year in prison for assaulting late Goo Hara.

On the 15th, Supreme Court Chief Justice Park Jeonghwa confirmed prior courts ruling of one year in prison for assaulting, and threatening Goo Hara but acquitted Choi for illegally filming the late singer.

The judge stated, "The fact that Goo Hara deleted the sex tape and photos from Choi's cell phone is grounds to acquit him of the charge. The two were both able to delete the tape because they had access with the same password. Also, Goo Hara took photos of Choi's body."

Choi was sentenced to one year for inflicting bruises to Goo Hara's arms and legs in the process of an argument in September 2018 and threatening to release the sex tape to the media. He was also accused of illegally filming Goo Hara who was soaking in a bathtub without consent.

Demographics of commenters:
Male: 53%; Female: 47%
Age Range: 10s - 6% ; 20s - 20% ; 30s - 32% ; 40s - 29% ; 50s - 10% ; 60s - 3%

1. [+2,555, -85] A person died...what is a year??? Are they serious right now?

2. [+1,134, -20] This is a sentence at the level of cultivating criminals. They're basically saying even if you kill someone, you'll only get a one year sentence. How is what he did he did any different than murder??

3. [+650, -16] Uh, the judiciary in our country is still far away from reform...

4. [+341, -16] Wow... what a waste of Goo Hara's life. Aigoo~I'm so angry I can't even imagine how her family is taking this.

5. [+240, -2] He got a 1yr prison sentence because they weren't good at proving him guiltyㅋㅋㅋ.

6. [+191, -2] Is the law really for the people? Goo Hara's family must seriously be vomiting blood. Even the public that saw this on the news is feeling rage inside because of how unfair this is. It's because of their interpretation of the law and judgements that we need to strengthen our laws regarding crimes against women. Her naked photos were spread on the internet and her life ruined and all he got was a year??? If a celebrity committed suicide over something like this imagine how hell of an experience this is for an ordinary person.

7. [+101, -7] If this was his daughter would that judge have only given him a year??? His blood would've been boiling inside out.

8. [+94, -16] Wow. A person died because of him and he lived just fine and only got a one-year prison sentence. They even came out and said he was innocent of illegally filming her when he threatened to expose the sex tape to the world that he took when they were dating. Ladies, why are we dating men....??? Seriously, I'm wondering why are we even dating ㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠ???? I'm burning inside with rageㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠ.

9. [+68, -2] 1.5 years in prison and 3 years probation for bruising someone's arms and legs in the process of a quarrel?? What a strange judgment. Prosecutor-ssi, please get it right... isn't this assault? So ridiculous.

10. [+56, -6] Korean law is on the side of male criminals.

Source: Naver via Daily Naver
Tags: court / legal issues, goo hara, sexual harassment / sexual assault, trigger warning, wtf

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