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Dongho bleached his hair 15 times + More Graduation Articles

U-KISS’s Dongho “I Want ‘#1 On Music Chart’ As My Graduation Present”

“I want ‘U-KISS at #1 on Music Chart’ as my graduation present”

U-KISS’s maknae Dongho graduated from middle school on the morning of February 10th, revealed that he wanted U-KISS to be at #1 on music charts as his graduation present.

Dongho who has just graduated from Yonggang Middle School, said “I feel sad even though I finally graduated from school. Even though I can’t meet my friends and teachers anymore, but I’ll do better (for the future) and try to think positively”

He added with excitement “Soon I’ll be wearing a pretty high school uniform and I think that I’ll take lots of selca pictures. I’ll show you my cool high school student’s image.”

U-KISS’s members Kevin, Kibum, Alexander and Kiseob attended the graduation ceremony too. They were there to congratulate their magnae, Dongho, for the graduation.

Kibum said “Please study hard and make lots of friends in high school.” Kevin joked around as well giving encouragement by saying “Don’t think of dating, you’re busy with lots of activities right now but please study hard.”

Starting from March, Dongho will be attending Hanrim Entertainment Arts High School on a scholarship, studying music.

U-KISS “Maknae Dongho’s Middle School Graduation Is Not The End..It’s A New Beginning”

U-KISS’s Dongho graduated from middle school on the morning of February 10th.

Dongho from U-KISS, who has just released their 1st full album graduated from middle school today (February 10th, 2010).

Dongho attended the graduation ceremony at 11:00 am which was held at Seoul Yonggang Middle School’s auditorium. U-KISS’s members Kevin, Kibum, Alexander, Soohyun, Eli & Kiseob were seen at the venue to congratulate their magnae for successfully graduating.

Alexander said to Dongho “Graduating from middle school doesn’t mean the end, it means a new beginning. I hope that you’ll study hard so that your hyungs can go to your High School graduation too.”

Lots of fans and schoolmates went to the graduation ceremony just to see Dongho.

Dongho will be starting his High School education on this coming March at Hanrim Entertainment Arts School on a scholarship.

U-KISS’s Dongho “Changing Hair Color 15 Times!”

U-Kiss' first full album has been released. They come back with a new song, 'Bingeul Bingeul', which shows of a manlier side of them than we saw in 'Man Man Ha Ni'. With more intense visuals and melody, especially with maknae Dongho's almost-white hair, they have been gaining much attention.

When Dongho met with T-news, he revealed, "I bleached my hair 15 times" and "During the 15 times of bleaching, my scalp was burning so badly I felt like dying. The state of my hair has been made worse too."

The other members went through a similar process too. Alexander and Eli have asymmetrical hairstyles, Kevin has orangey hair, Soohyun boasts chic black hair and Kiseop and Kibum have new hairstyles too.

Idols put a lot of effort into exercising to maintain a good body. From before 'Man Man Ha Ni' promotions, U-Kiss who has nicknames such as 'protein', 'chicken breast' amongst themselves have taken exercise seriously. "For our promotions this time round, we focused on weight training to achieve a good figure", said the group. In U-Kiss' music video, the members revealed their nude upper bodies, showing solid bodies achieved through exercise.

'Bingeul Bingeul', the title track this time is produced mainly by Brave Brothers, with a strong intro and addictive repetition of 'Bingeul Bingeul'.

U-Kiss says, "We will not disappoint our fans who have been waiting so we will deliver a more handsome image. We'll work hard, so look forward to it."

Youtube Source: Ukissism
Korean Sources: cbs.co.kr, Starnews, Sports.chosun
Translations: Contiukiss.wp, Contiukiss.wp, ukissme.SG

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