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Woodz - 'Woops!' Concept Photos (Allergy Ver.)

Woops #2-1.jpg

Woops #2-2.jpg

Woops #2-3.jpg

Woops #2-4.jpg

Woops #2-5.jpg

Woops #2-6.jpg

Woops #2-7.jpg

Woops #2-8.jpg

Woops #2-9.jpg

One of the teaser photos from the Love Ver. set shows Woodz wearing a war bonnet or headdress from the Plains Native tribes in the United States. Fans contacted the company and this was the response:

That photo set was deleted from both Twitter and Instagram and then reposted without the offending photo.

I'm glad they deleted the photo but kind of annoyed the stylist didn't realize that would be a problem in the first place? (Thank you to snowphone for pointing it out.) Even without that, I still like the Allergy version photos more than the Love photos.

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