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Run BTS! Episodes 114-115 featuring Faker and T1 team

For last week and this week's Run BTS! episodes, BTS finally have their first official guest! Professional gamers Faker, Cuzz, Teddy, and Canna of South Korean e-sports team T1 come on to play games with BTS such as Dr. Mundo Dodgeball on League of Legends and Gang Beasts, as well as other classic games such as rock-paper-scissors and Fry Pan Game.

You can watch the episodes on VLive (114 | 115) or Weverse (114 | 115)

Highlights and Quotes:
  • Bangtan being massive T1 fanboys; T1 boys being shy

  • Yoongi and Jin almost losing their temper on Jungkook

  • "There are only two left! What leverage?"

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors with the toy hammer and chaos ensues

  • "Are you on a blind date?! This isn't a date!"

  • Yoongi and his win streak; Jin complaining about his members 90% of the time

  • "Hyung, you went too many times. Just come back in."

  • "You even complain when I win!"

  • Bangtan T1 singing collaboration

  • The transition from "hyungnim" to "hyung" is both endearing and adorable

  • Dr. Mundo Dodgeball on LoL turns into regular 5-v-5 lmao

  • Chaotic and noisy Bangtan and T1 omg I want more

  • "Aren't we just playing a regular round of League at this point?"

Highlights and Quotes
  • The return of Gang Beasts; T1 playing Gang Beasts for the first time and Bangtan acting like pro-gamers in Gang Beasts

  • "Why don't we professional Gang Beasts gamers?"

  • They're so noisy I'm ???? lmao

  • Jungkook teasing the other team in-game

  • "But watching is one thing, and playing is another."

  • "This is what professional gamers do to intimidate their opponents."

  • Jungkook and Taehyung pretty much saving their team lmao

  • Yoongi and Jimin in one team; fighting ensues

  • "Faker is our game plan."

Source: Weverse (1, 2), VLive (1, 2)

This was a fun feature lmao I hope they still contact each other or have T1 come on as guests again!
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