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Lee Ga Eun's agency responds following her wrongful elimination from Produce 48

Lee Ga Eun’s agency has clarified their stance following the news of her wrongful elimination from “Produce 48.”

During a trial of appeals for the “Produce 101” series rigging case on November 18, the court revealed the list of contestants who were eliminated due to manipulation. Lee Ga Eun’s name was on the list, which showed that her actual final ranking on “Produce 48” was No. 5.

That day, a source from High Entertainment stated to Star News, “After seeing the information, we’ve had sufficient conversations with actress Lee Ga Eun and internal discussions. Through those talks, we’ve decided that we currently do not plan to take separate action.”

They continued, “Lee Ga Eun is working as an actress now, but she’s currently also studying music on her own. If there’s an opportunity [for her to do music] or she personally wants to, then we will help her.”

Lee Ga Eun joined the Pledis Entertainment group After School as a new member in 2012. She made the decision to compete on the Mnet show “Produce 48” in 2018 after the group’s five-year hiatus, describing it as a potential second chance.

She was a popular contestant on the show, even reaching No. 1 in realtime rankings. She took No. 8 in the second round and No. 5 in the third, safely remaining within the limits of the Top 12 that would make their debut as a new girl group. However, she was eliminated in the finale when her ranking was announced as No. 14.

Lee Ga Eun went on to part ways with Pledis Entertainment in July 2019, following the release of the solo track “Remember You.” She joined the agency High Entertainment, and she has been pursuing acting and also took part in a project album while working on songwriting.

On November 18, Mnet said in an official statement that they will compensate the contestants who were negatively affected by the manipulation.

Source: Naver via Soompi
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