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Twice “Better” Japan Showcase Performance + Time To Twice: Crime Scene Edition

The plot line is Na Gasu is an singer who back in his heyday was a very popular idol. In a showcase that was supposed to be a big comeback for him, he has disappeared. It is up to the cast of characters portrayed by Twice at his showcase to figure out what happens to Na Gasu! Could it be that one of them is responsible for his disappearance? Stay tuned~

Who is who:
- Dahyun is Composer Kim, 30s, she wrote for Na Gasu’s comeback song “DEATH”. Very subtle lol
- Momo is Mo Joyeon, 40s, she was a group mate with Na Gasu back in the day and now is a chorus singer
- Jeongyeon is Journalist Yoo, 40s, he is reporting on the showcase
- Tzuyu is Joe Road, 20s, he is Na Gasu’s current manager. Ok let’s be honest Tzuyu is playing Tzuyu as she keeps laughing and breaking character lol!
- Sana is Director Kim, 30s, she is the director of the showcase
- Nayeon is CEO Lim, 40s, he(? I missed what her gender was for the CEO but I’m guessing he due to what CEOS usually are in kpop?) is as the title states, the CEO of Na Gasu’s company he’s signed with.
- Chaeyoung is Stylist Son, 20s, she (? Once again I’m guessing) is Na Gasu’s personal stylist
- Mina is Photographer Jeong, 30s, she(?) is the photographer for the comeback showcase
- Jihyo is President Park, 30s, she is the President of the Na Gasu Fan Club. Jihyo plays the obsessed older fan role really well I gotta say! She is not taking Na Gasu’s disappearance well at all lol

Source: Twice, Tony Stark-Iron Man
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