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Defense committee passes bill allowing idols to defer enlistment

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The National Assembly's defense committee on Friday approved a bill that would allow distinguished male pop culture artists to postpone their mandatory military duties.

The committee gave its nod to the bill to revise the Military Service Act to grant an exceptional right to defer military duties of acclaimed pop artists, such as BTS, who are recognized to have contributed to the elevation of the country's global reputation.

The bill must pass parliament's plenary session for final approval.

The revision was proposed by Rep. Jeon Yong-gi of the ruling Democratic Party in September after BTS became the first South Korean pop artist to reach No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with its song "Dynamite."

"BTS members will be able to put off their enlistments until the age of 30 if this bill passes through a plenary session and a related enforcement decree is revised as well," the lawmaker said.

Under the current military law, BTS's eldest member Jin, born in 1992, is subject to enlistment by the end of the year. All able-bodied South Korean men between the ages of 18 and 28 are ordered to serve in the military for about two years for national defense against North Korea.

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Source: Yonpap, photo BTS Official Twitter

Good news I guess, specially as groups weren't able to tour this year ? EXO ? SHINee ?
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Should be 30 for all. Wasn't it before?

Deleted comment

editing to say never mind


November 20 2020, 22:08:57 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  November 20 2020, 22:10:26 UTC

I'm both surprised and unsurprised that they are passing this bill. However, it doesn't exempt BTS from enlisting like many ARMY were hoping, it only postpones the enlistment. Though looking at it, there isn't a huge difference if they didn't pass this bill. Jin is almost 30 anyways, if anything, he'd still need to enlist next year. Plus, all of the members of BTS have already stated that they are still willing to serve regardless of this bill - which is smart, because they know postponing their service will bring them more unnecessary backlash since this is one hell of a privilege. It's more of a curse than a blessing. Any regular citizen would be discontent because this is preferential treatment for celebrities.

My biggest question is which other idols would benefit from this bill aside from BTS? What criteria would they use to determine if an idol has contributed substantially enough? The only other idols who are capable of matching BTS would be EXO since they were THE top BG for years before BTS surpassed them. Seventeen is on the come up and are on their way to top tier status, since they're comfortably behind BTS and EXO right now in terms of popularity.
Reading this it sounds like it is just letting them postpone their enlistment. Someone in an earlier comment had mentioned this used to be 30, and I believe that was true then they lowered it by a year or two but they also lowered the amount of time they had to serve. Just let everyone postpone it to 30 like it was before!

I don't think BTS will postpone Jin's enlistment unless the pandemic is finally over and they do one last tour before he enlists. Then I could see him pushing it out a few months just to finish touring. I think it will all depend on what next year brings.

I am agreement with everyone they should all just go in at once or at least within a few months of each other so they can call come back around the same time!
Allegedly if people can tour it would be until 2022/ late 2021, at least that's what the reports said at first and considering the pandemic isn't slowing down and still there isn't a vaccine and it will take time even if there is i don't think that statement is false
I only care about EXO and SHINee and for me the faster they enlist the better, i would have wanted for Taemin to enlist with Key, Onew and Minho ( partly because well he released good music but SuperM) and tbh the faster exo enlist the faster they will be free and SuperM will disappear so i need that .

Shawols and EXOls are resilient, after everything that has happened a lot of them are still there so 18 months wait would be nothing but agencies are dumb .

And tbh speaking in general celebrities still get a shit ton of privilege so adding more into that would suck for the average citizen , i would be pissed

Deleted comment

BTS's eldest member Jin, born in 1992, is subject to enlistment by the end of the year.

oh! I did not know they were all younger than me.
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