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2010 wish for yunho, 8000 words of love

Jung YunHo, face to face with ‘Cha Bong Gun.’

A 14-year-old kid who relied on his perfect dancing skills and beautiful vocals to become a successful singer

There was only one belief during his youth; though he isn’t superior with his dancing, and he isn’t skilled in singing, he knows he will succeed with his passion and determination. In the following ten years, he strives harder with this passion to dance beautifully, and to sing pleasantly. As time goes by, his features get more defined, his looks more mature. Though it's impossible to regain the look of innocence from ten years back, the beauty in his eyes and the passion within his heart still remain unchanged.

He was able to go through hardships with the help of others around him, therefore, he decided to work even harder to become a shining star, and to search for something that he lacked when he was younger. He wanted to make more people support and like him. The greatest change in him is the expectation he has for himself; it has grown even larger because of the experiences he had in this society. A good point of this youth, who has grown under a tough journey, is his humility and sincere response to any questions being asked, together with the passion that he has been holding on to all these years.

Q: Not long ago, because of your busy schedule and rushing many projects, your health had been affected that many others were worried about you. How's your health now? Everyone is very concerned. Are you taking any health supplements?

A: First of all, I would like to apologise for making everyone worry about me... I'm feeling much better, as compared to last time. Recently, I started taking more calcium and vitamins, drinking a lot of milk and lessening my meal intake.

Q: How do you spend your time after your drama ended? Any habits you picked up recently?

A: After the filming for the drama ended, I managed to find some time for myself. Normally, I will go to gym or travel around… As for habits, I like walking along the train track, and I felt like the path is somewhat similar to my life… All different emotions flooding in me… In order to make a decision on which path to take next, we had walked back and forth in the same track. Just walking along the track for three to six hours, back and forth…

Q: There are times when one is tired or is facing difficulties, right? But we had always seen a hardworking YunHo, always giving his best in everything. What is the source of your energy and passion? What problems are you afraid to face?

A: There is a phrase that has always been in my heart, and it's “We can never turn back time.” Today has ended, and nobody can assure as to whether tomorrow will arrive or not. Maybe that’s the reason why I always think too much… There's the possibility of failing in things, therefore, I made a promise to myself to always fill each day with passion.

Q: Two to three months ago during our interview, we mentioned loneliness as part of the pains of growing up. People would normally look for support or something to lean on when loneliness draws near, while complaining continuously. What do you think of it?

A: Thinking only for oneself, the person will never succeed in life. Therefore, other than complaining, I will choose to tell myself to calm down, to hold on whenever I reach my limit... But of course, it's lonely... I'm human too, and in my golden age... For the sake of everyone who has been supporting e, I must give a confident look; in order to show everyone a magnanimous YunHo, I have to run forward... Sooner or later, I will reach a place where everyone will congratulate me. That's what I always believe, but I'm still far from it. ^_^

Q: Ever since your debut, you have always been improving, step by step. You have received a lot of help from the people around you, while stepping towards your dream. At the same time, you also return the favor, don't you? So any special things that happened during work that became the source of your fighting spirit, or anything that left a deep impression on you?

A: There are many, which includes some of my dreams. But of course, they include everyone who believed in me during the tough times; friends, sisters, and teachers who have always been there to accompany me. On top of that, those who have given warmth to others with their helping hands have also become the source of my fighting spirit. My parents have been my greatest influence. They have always been there for me to share in my joy and sorrow, and I'm very grateful. Therefore, I wish that I can become a person like them.

Oh yeah, and maybe also my grandfather who had always been watching over me from high above. Therefore, I need to exert extra effort to do better. ^_^

Q: The theme of your 25th birthday celebration is ‘flowerage.’ What’s the difference between the ‘flowerage’ that fans wish for, and the ‘flowerage’ you thought of?

A: Ah, this question is somewhat serious... I felt that during whatever moment god had created for me, I tried my best; that's when I reach the peak, the ‘flowerage.’ As long as there is effort, there will be fruits. Sooner or later, you will reach the ‘flowerage’... The most important thing is to set a target, and work hard towards it. Only thinking about it will produce nothing.

Without action, you will never know whether the outcome will be good or bad. Even though the result may be bad, as long as you exert the effort to find a solution, you will not bump into the same situation again next time. This kind of lesson is a must in life. Therefore, what's important is not the target nor the outcome, but the process where action was taken and where effort was involved. ^^

Q: Lastly, please say something to all the fans who have always believed and supported you, as well as to yourself for always putting your best foot forward in everything you do to march towards your dream!

A: Thank you to everyone who has always believed in me and supported me. In the future, I would like everyone to see the YunHo who will always remain unchanged. In the year 2010, I will work hard to not disappoint anyone - the brand new YunHo, the ever-growing YunHo. Not only that, to all the fans who have grown up with us, let's walk towards the real me together. ^^

To the one who never rests and works hard, to myself, thank you so much! But the path ahead is still long
, therefore, I will stay as I am now, believing in myself, and relying on myself to fly freely in the sky.

Lastly, though it's kind of late, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I love you all.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Always so modest, yet passionate. :)
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