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💎 Bling Bling Post: “G.G.B” Relay Dance, Music Core 11.21.20, Hashtag Interview + MBTI

If you can’t watch and like to learn more about the girls:

Juhyun (currently blonde) | 20, Leader, Rapper, ENFJ ‘extrovert that is focused on righteous activities’
Ayamy (short black hair) | 20, Japanese, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Subvocalist, INTP ‘introvert that is logical thinker’
Jieun (tallest) | 19, Main Vocalist (that deeper vocal you hear in most of the song? That’s her!), INFJ ‘introvert that is focused on defending good will’
Marin (long black hair) | 19, Japanese, Main Dancer, ISFP ‘introvert who is curious artist’
Narin (long dark brown hair, shortest) | 19, Vocalist, Fluent in Japanese, ENFP ‘extrovert who is delightful action taker’
Yubin (long brown hair) | 18, Maknae, Vocalist - imo lead vocalist since she sings the most after Jieun. She and Jieun have majority of the lines - ESFJ ‘extrovert who is sociable diplomat’

Interesting that half of the group is extroverted and half is introverted!

Their Spotify page got sorted out, so they have their own page now! Also G.G.B has a Japanese version too.

Source: MBCKpop, BlingBling YT channel 1, 2, 3, kprofile
Tags: dance video/practice, music core, nugu

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