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NiziU - “Step and a step” MV Teaser 1

Source: jypentertainment

omg the little sisters at JYPE debut soon! The official release is December 2nd, but as it’s a Japanese release, fans say we should expect the MV around November 25th.
Tags: debut, jyp entertainment, overseas activities, teaser

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Aw why didn't they give that one girl an eye-contact shot like the rest of them lol
It's sounds very Twice


November 21 2020, 19:59:30 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 20:00:25 UTC

They are very much Twice’s little sister group :) NiziU has bonded a little bit with Twice, more so than Itzy has (I think in a v-live a Twice member said they see each other in passing, that’s it. Shows that the whole ‘family’ thing pushed at these companies isn’t really accurate, even if some members across the groups are friendly with each other) Plus the girls are big fans of Twice, Miihi is a Tzuyu fan girl lol

But really the cute concept that Twice started with is being passed down to them. Cute concepts don’t have longevity as the girls grow up and want to show more variety, which Is where Twice is today. So NiziU will be taking on that concept.
That makes sense for the company, film the last album, Twice definitely have moved on, and JYP wants to keep hold of their original market.

It's cute that they are fans of Twice, I hope they can all look out for each other.

Like Taeyeon and her comment to the RV managers about letting the girls eat.
Oh and since it’s a group of 9 girls, this is very much JYPE wanting a Japanese version of Twice. But I’m not surprised, Twice is huge there and the girls are already making waves with their predebut so they’ll be big in no time.
aww, i just noticed that the group name is pronounced like "need you". cute!
It’s cute! My brain reads it with an American accent though, I have to correct it since it doesn’t work that way and it sounds way more cute in the pronunciation intended lol

Cute! I’m interested in what their sound is going to be like.
Hope jype doesn’t do their usual thing with senior girl groups and abandon Twice in favour of a newer model, but I have very little faith in them.

I do think Twice might escape that fate since Wonder Girls and Miss A’s popularity was starting to fade when they ended (they were still popular but mismanagement killed Wonder Girls momentum and Suzy outgrew Miss A), whereas Twice is still continuing to grow, especially globally. Fans are gonna notice if they start halfassing Twice and will be vocal about it, like they do now lol. Not that it would stop JYPE from moving on but it wouldn’t be quiet (I assume the same will happen with Blackpink)

Also since NiziU is a Japanese group and not Korean, I don’t see them abandoning Twice tbh. I’m gonna stay positive, but we’ll see lol 😬

I do see Twice slowing down, which I don’t mind since they’re a senior group. I hope they let Twice get creative and try new things like they did with Wonder Girls and let NiziU take care of the general public friendly concepts.