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Q&A with Ara During Her 21st Birthday Party

T/N: Yesterday, they had Ara's birthday party and the fans weren't allowed to take pictures but it was reported that Ara looked gorgeous in a pink dress and was wearing a crown. They also commented on how she came out limping.

Q. Is it possible for you to leave a message for us on your DC Inside Gallery?
A. (Not seeming to know what DC Inside Gallery was) I will try my best to leave a message! I'll also try to keep on uploading pictures to my fan cafe~

Q. Which boy group do you like the best from SM?

A. SHINee. Actually, I know them the least but they are my friends and my dongsengs. I also love their name, Sparkling SHINee~

Q. Did you like your kiss scene with Yunho oppa? Also, can I have a hug?
A. (after the hug) Yunho oppa took good care of me since we've know each other for a while because we are both from the same company and the same area. That day, it was very cold and everyone was feeling a bit tired. We both made tons of NGs before and by the time we reached the kiss scene, we were both very worn out from filming all day. Both Yunho oppa and I didn't know what to do so we kept on laughing. We made lots of NGs. The very last kiss scene at the soccer game was not in the scene but they put it in at the last moment and it was difficult to film for the both of us. At the glares of Yunho's fan, I really wanted to shout, "I'm sorry!" ^^

Q. What is the secret to your skin?
A. Take care of it once a week. Use the pack, then the cleansing. Apply skin lotion under the eyes and wrists everyday~

Q. What are you doing tomorrow?
A. I'm a little sick, so after visiting the doctor, I will be sleeping at my house. (cries)

Q. Your next project? Please sing a song for us~
A. What do you guys think about a movie? I really want to film one so I'm preparing for that. If there is a really good drama coming up, I want to film one probably during the fall/winter seasons.

Q. How do you feel when it comes to female fans?
A. I love my female fans and I'm very grateful that I can relate to these fans.

Q. True/False: I have had a boyfriend.
A. Rather than a "boyfriend" I have been with an oppa that is a really close friend of mine. He's not exactly what I'd call a boyfriend because we've never dated. We are just very very close.

Q. When?
A. Middle school? High school? My mind is all over the place so I can't really remember but....

Q. What about that male who is your friend?
A. He's been my friend since elementary, through middle school~

(Ara prepared a couple of songs to sing. She sang Bobo's "Late Regret" and "I Love You". She is excellent at singing!)

Ara's Comment:
- Last week, I went to Melbourne, Australia for a photoshoot for the March issue of Marie Claire. I think that it went very well so please look forward to it!!

Q. Did you hurt your leg?
A. I'm receiving a lot of training right now in acting, dancing and singing. After filming Subaru, I tried to do some ballet moves and accidentally stretched a muscle.

Ara's Comment:

- I'm sure that everyone is really curious about this right now.

Q. Out of all of the dramas, who is your most memorable male partner?
A. I think Hyun Suk from Banolim 1 because it was my very first drama. Actually, we still keep in touch with each other! But really, everyone, all of the staff members and actors, are precious to me.

Q. Who do you think of the most while you film dramas?
A. While I was filming the drama? In Heading to the Ground, I received a lot of love from not just my fans but the younger actresses playing the fanclub members of Shooting Star. I think because of Yunho oppa, I received a lot of love but every time something went a little sour, the little actresses were always there to support me, telling me that it was okay. At the farewell party, I gave them my thanks.

Q. What is the secret to keeping your body?

A. I like exercising. I also like bowling. I thought about why I don't gain weight and I think it's because I hardly eat sweets like chocolate because they make me nauseous.

Q. Who is your recent favorite Asian artist and song?
A. Big Mama's 체념.

Q. Male star that you want to act with?

A. Haha, I think it would be better if you gave me some names. (Kang Dong Won, Jo In Sung, Jung Bo Suk, Lee Soon Jae, Yeon Jung Hoon, Yoo Seung Ho, Johnny Depp) I think I would like to film a love line with Lee Soon Jae. ^^ Will you be able to accept this? ^^; I don't have anybody in particular that I would like to act with.

Q. What do you do when you have time?
A. I love to read books.

Q. How about when you are sad or lonely?
A. I try to go to a karaoke bar or the amusement park. But nowadays I don't get out very often....but I do go visit my friends.

Q. Ideal type?
A. For a while I avoided questions like that because I didn't have an ideal type. I would like someone who has a lot of heart, values, and that will only look at me.

Q. What do you like to eat?
A. I love rice. Korean food. I try to stay away from food with flour. A girl's life really starts when she is 20!

Q. Actress that you want to work with?
A. Jeon Ji Hyun, Song Hye Gyo and Han Ga In unnie.

Q. When do you think you are the prettiest?
A. After I shower and I have my hair up in a towel.

T/N 2: So it seems like Ara's next project is going to be a movie!!! I'm so happy that we finally have some information on her next thing. Does anybody know any upcoming movies? I heard a rumor that the manhwa "Audition" is going to be turned into a movie which kind of makes sense with what she said. She said that she was receiving a lot of training in acting, dancing and singing. Makes me think that it's going to be a movie where she is a singer or training to be one. =D She's also going to be in a new photoshoot for Marie Claire! So I guess it was confirmed that she was in Australia because she said it for herself.

Source: DC Inside
Translation: Q_Park @ soompi (Go Ara Official Thread)
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