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Time to Twice Crime Scene Episode 2 + Comeback Week Behind The Scenes #2

On today’s episode of Time to Twice, uh it’s not going good for the character Na Gasu. He’s [Spoiler (click to open)]dead. He’s very dead, had a gruesome death 💀

Now allegations are being thrown and the characters in a Survivor style vote have to pick who they currently find guilty. Who each character accuses:

- Journalist Yoo (Jeongyeon) voted Stylist Son (Chaeyoung) because she had a knife in her bag
- Composer Kim (Dahyun) voted Journalist Yoo since he’s very suspicious as he never shows his notebook
- Former Group Member Mo (Momo) voted Journalist Yoo as he’s very suspicious
- Director Kim (Sana) voted Mo as she dated Na Gasu previously and thinks Mo killed him out of jealousy since he’s been dating someone new
- CEO Lim (Nayeon) voted Mo for being off since the beginning and for dating Na Gasu in the past

The remaining characters who have voted yet will be on the next episode!

The fans though think it’s Joe Road (Tzuyu) since she keeps laughing. Actually that’s probably the best part of all this is the girls breaking character and laughing/smiling at inappropriate times lol

For a video out of character, here’s Twice behind the scenes of their ICSM stage promotions!

Source: both are from “Twice” YT channel 1, 2
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