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Burning Sons news round-up

Seungri's witness reverses his statement in court, states he arranged prostitutes under Yoo In-seok's directions

Big Bang Seungri's witness that attended his trial in military court has reversed his statements.

His acquaintance, former Arena Club MD Kim attended as a witness at Seungri's third hearing held at the General Military Court in Yongin, Gyeoggi on the 19th and reversed his statements.

In the first trial, Seungri had denied all 8 charges stating "he had no incentive to arrange sex trafficking" and stated that "Yoo In-Seok was not involved in the prostitution ring." He also denied gambling charges stating that "he visited the U.S to carry out scheduled schedules and not to gamble."

In the third trial held that day, MD Kim also denied charges of arranging prostitution for Seungri stating that "he arranged for prostitutes under the direction of Yoo In-Seok, former Yuri Holdings CEO." He stated, "I followed Yoo In-Seok instructions and introduced the women and drove them as I was told."

As for the reason why he followed instructions he stated, "I did it because I had no money and wanted to look good in front of Yoo In-Seok. I wanted to show him I was working hard as an MD."

Regarding allegations that Seungri arranged for prostitutes for a group of Japanese businessmen several times in December 2015 he stated, "I don't remember the details but I saw Yoo In-Seok having sex with a woman with door open. I've never seen any footage of Seungri having sex or doing illegal filming."

Jung Joon Young, Yoo In Seok and three women (prostitutes) that participated in the sex trafficking are scheduled to appear as witnesses in the hearing on the 20th (next day).

Male: 70%; Female: 30%
Age Range: 10s - 1%; 20s - 7%; 30s - 37%; 40s - 38%; 50s - 12%; 60s and above - 5%

1. [+470, -2] Looks like he's confusing things again. He already went on TV and bragged about his businesses and how involved he was, telling staff what to do. He hasn't changed at all. He probably learned all those dirty things at a young age and was taught to deny, deny, say he doesn't remember like every chaebol or politician does to cover things up.

2. [+228, -2]ㅋㅋㅋwhat a joke. Of course these thugs would cover for each other. He already bragged about everything on I live Alone and now he's denying it all? Is he really saying that with that face~~~~~~~~

3. [+169, -4] How is this thug not in jail yet??

4. [+56, -1] Who the hell is behind him seriously? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. He must be really powerful. I'm getting goosebumps. They're all rotten inside out.

5. [+40, -5] They're still being so shameless like this

6. [+24, -0] How did that reporter get that photo? It's serious perfectㅋ.

7. [+12, -1] It looks like the reporter didn't want to get sued so he bared it all in the photoㅋㅋㅋ.

8. [+11, -1] So he drove them there. If you enjoyed it together, you should take responsibility too.

Yang Hyun Suk denies conspiring with Seungri to exchange money or prostitution; update on B.I's case

At 10 a.m. on the 27th, the Seoul Western District Court held a sentencing hearing on the gambling charges of four people Kim, Lee, Geum and former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

Judge Park Soo-hyun fined Yang Hyun Suk, Kim (co-representative of YGX) and Lee a fine of 15 million won and Geum received 10 million won fine.

Yang Hyun Suk denied conspiring with Seungri, former Big Bang member to exchange money and prostitution. In his final statement, he said, "I'm sorry to trouble you with my carelessness. We're seriously reflecting on ourselves and we'll never repeat the same mistake again," he stated, appealing for leniency.

In addition to the gambling charges, Yang Hyun Suk was investigated for arranging sexual services for foreign investors but was cleared of charges for "insufficient evidence."

Regarding allegations that he illegally raised gambling funds through an unregistered foreign "exchange" method ("hwanchigi"), the prosecution did not indict him.

In addition, Yang Hyun Suk is accused of aiding and abetting a crime by threatening a whistleblower (Han Seo Hee) who brought forward allegations that iKON member B.I allegedly purchased drugs. Regarding this case, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office has recently taken over the case from the Suwon District Prosecutor's Office and is currently conducting investigations.

In the meantime, Yang Hyun Suk ignored all reporter questions as he left his vehicle.

Park Han Byul re-summoned after Seungri's friend reveals in court that her husband "had sex with a prostitute with door wide open"

Actress Park Han-byul and her husband Yoo In-Seok have been re-summoned by prosecutors.

On the 19th, Burning Sun MD Kim attended Seungri's third trial in military court and revealed that "he helped introduce women and drove them according Yoo In Seok's instructions, not Seungri."

MD Kim then revealed that Seungri and Yoo In Seok met with two women in 2015 and stated, "What I know for sure is I saw Yoo In Seok having sex with a woman with the door open. Yoo In-Seok was in a relationship at the time. Did I have to watch something like that? It was not good to see."

After Kim's statements came out, the public sympathized with Park Han-byul as she had supported him and apologized for the suspicions related to her husband when Burning Sun allegations first came out. In particular, because she had vouched for her husband in court, each time new testimony related to her husband comes out, she's also re-summoned and is suffering damage.

Park Han Byul and Yoo married in 2017 and she gave birth to their son in April 2018. Park Hanbyul is currently living in Jeju Island with her family.

Yang Hyun Suk slapped with a 15 million won fine for illegally gambling overseas

Yang Hyun Suk has been charged with 15 million won fine for habitual gambling.

On the 27th, the former YG Entertainment CEO attended his first trial at the Seoul Western District Law for gambling over 400 million won in casinos in the U.S from 2015-2019.

The judge overturned his summary judgement ruling sought by the prosecution and determined that Yang Hyun Suk was a "habitual gambler" and thus a danger to society. The judge stated, "his gambling can have a negative impact on the general public and youth."

As a result, the judiciary overturned his prior summary judgement to a formal trial stating that the summary judgement alone was inappropriate. The court also asked for a review of the complaint stating "that there was a lot of evidence and that it was necessary to check whether it was routine." The prosecution did not correct the complaint and sought a fine of 10 million won.

During trial, the court fined Yang Hyun Suk 15 million won (~$14,000) fine instead, a higher sentence that 10 million won (~$9,000) fine sought by the prosecution.

Male: 69%; Female: 31%
Age Range: 10s - 0%; 20s - 3%; 30s - 23%; 40s - 49%; 50s - 19%; 60s and above - 6%

1. [+339, -23] Why just a fine? Is there a Blue House line they'll cross if they hit him with a jail sentence??!

2. [+299, -2] He's someone that gambled over 400 million won.. a 15 million won fine is not money to himㅋㅋ

3. [+181, -6] We need serious reform of our prosecution..

4. [+107, -1] This is just the cost of one shot of liquor for both sides..

5. [+83, -3] Whether 10 million won or 15 million...how is any of it a fine?

6. [+11, -0] The prosecution didn't even listen to the court..?

7. [+5, -0] If his overseas expedition was an impulsive one-time thing and he gambled 400 million won, how would a fine of 15 million won mean anything to Yang Hyun Suk??

8. [+4, -1] That's the price of gum for someone like himㅋㅋ

Jung Joon Young and Yoo In Seok fail to show up in court for Seungri

Seungri's friends Jung Joon Young and Yoo In-Seok have pulled a no-show in court.

The two were chosen as witnesses for Seungri's trial on the 20th but they failed to show up submitting their "reasons for absence."

Burning Sun MD Kim, Seungri's close friend, is the only witness that attended his trial as a witness. MD Kim told the court, "Seungri and I became close friends in college. While he ran his ramen chain I was working at the club as an MD and ran a cart bar with Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong-hun."

MD Kim also reversed course and admitted that he was instructed to arrange for prostitutes by former Yuri Holdings CEO, Yoo In-Seok, revealing that "Yoo had sex with the prostitutes and he just was asked to drive the women to their destination."

Regarding allegations of Seungri participating on their Katalk chat where nude photos of women were shared, MD Kim stated, "Seungri was not quick to reply to the conversations in our katalk group chat due to his frequent overseas performances. As a celebrity, he was aware of people's words and actions. He liked to throw big parties like 'The Great Gatsby' but I've never seen him talk about sexual desires."

When Seungri was asked in court about allegations of habitual gambling and arranging prostitution, he stated, "I do not remember. I did not participate in arranging prostitution for Yoo In Seok."

Male: 64%; Female: 36%
Age Range: 10s - 1%; 20s - 9%; 30s - 33%; 40s - 38%; 50s - 16%; 60s and above - 4%

1. [+3,444 -17] If he can't remember then he deserves even worse punishment!

2. [+1,658, -790] What an ugly, dirty, trash ba$tard. And his hometown is Jeolla-do...no wonder.

3. [+657, -9] There's a witness and he doesn't remember??! How bad was the crime??ㅋㅋ

4. [+678, -209] Seeing Seungri reminds me how bad our country really is. Those two are basically two peas in a pod.

5. [+248, -1] It's a sad reality when the police, prosecutors and judges have all tried but no one can punish him. How many people have been beaten down trying to arrest one person only to fail.

6. [+101, -1] He seriously deserves the worst punishment you can give.

7. [+41, -0] If there really is a God, please sentence him with sudden death.

8. [+38, -1] If he really can't remember then he needs to stay in the army and never get discharged until he can.

9. [+24, -0] I know there are worse criminals in the world but Seungri is seriously the worst!

10. [+18, -1] Now I realize why GD couldn't stand him either.

11. [+14, -0] Who the hell is behind YG that they've covered up all of their drugs and sex crimes??!

12. [+13, -0] If Seungri cuts the tail this time, it 100% means he's got connections.

Source: Naver (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) via Daily Naver (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

I can't believe I'm here making Burning Sons news round-up posts again and yet here we are...

Anyway, please do not go to the Daily Naver or Soompi Twitter accounts. The stans are camping under the tweets, it's gross.
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