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Ladies Code’s Sojung Performs on “Sing Again”, Receives The “All Again” Vote

“Sing Again” is a show where former idols and artists can show off their vocal talent again after their career has slowed down. Sojung sang “The Flight" by Yim Jae Bum. She received the All Again vote, which means every single judge voted to wanting to hear her sing again. Sojung, overwhelmed by the support, is moved to tears at the end of the clip. She’ll be moving on to the next round.

The lyrics of this song is very significant to her experience with the tragedy that occurred with her group (EunB and RiSe killed in car accident, Sojung herself sustained serious injuries in the crash) and rebuilding herself after that tragedy. I have the lyrics included under a cut. They’re worth a look to know how powerful this song is for her.

At least once in their lives, everyone experiences the moment
When they become engrossed in their own world
But I couldn't return to my original place
Cause I didn't know the way back

With too many thoughts and too many concerns
I locked myself in
Even I look uneasy to myself now
Cause I don't know from where to start

I want to go out into the world too
I need to proudly show my dreams
My wings that have been shrunk back for so long
I want to spread them wide and fly in the sky

All the things abandoned because I could not handle
They left without waiting for me
Though I lost many things, I do not regret
If I could go farther because of these things

Rather than be hurt, I chose to be alone
Solitude is not necessarily bad
Loneliness taught me a precious lesson
That no one else told me

Now I can go out into the world
I will proudly show my dreams
My wings that have been shrunk back for so long
I will spread them wide in the sky

I will start afresh
I will no longer shirk from anything
They will give me the strength to bear this world
My difficult past struggles

Source: JTBC Entertainment, Song Lyrics.com

I got emotional watching this since she is one my all time favorite singers and Ladies Code is so special to me. Her hitting those notes at 2:18 😭 I’m so proud of her!
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