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5 December is Yuri's birthday, and she releases a special Yuri's Winning Recipe episode to celebrate her "13th" birthday.

The official Girls' Generation also uploaded a tweet to celebrate #HappyYURIDay. Sooyoung also posted on her Instagram Stories to wish her a happy birthday.

The 1st season of Yuri's Winning Recipe has also wrapped up, with Siwon as the last guest. ngl, I skipped his parts, but Suju-Soshi dynamics are something that I didn't realise I missed. the 2nd gen SM idols do have some bond/shared history.

YoonA has released her first BTS vlog of her drama, Hush. it's pretty short and more of just looking at her beauty (even with that unflattering hair).

SooYoung premieres her 2nd episode of Re:hind, featuring actor Choi Won Young. They review his past roles and fashion sense. they also gave a slight shoutout to be featured in a future action movie together. Subs are a little wonky, but I doubt they'll update it again.

sources: 유리한TV, @GirlsGeneration, Yoona's So Wonderful Day, the sootory 더수토리

while I'm sad that Yuri's Winning Recipe has come to an end for 2020, it's good that she gets to rest, since she fell sick during filming and seems pretty busy with her acting gigs. may she return in 2021 with more guests! also, Namoo Actors need to sub their YouTube channel. they have some BTS scenes of Seohyun, but nothing is subbed, which is a pity because she was active in promoting Private Lives.
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