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NCT U - From Home (Rearranged Ver.) MV

Unboxing Resonance Pt.2 with Sungchan, Doyoung, Yang Yang, Jisung, Jeno, Mark, Win Win

NCT 127 - Find the best dancer Pt.3 (the other 2 parts are in this previous post)

BTS with NCT U 90's Love unit

NCT U - Work It Music Core

[Fancam Ver.]

NCT U - 90's Love Inkigayo

[Fancam Ver.]

NCT MAMA 2020 Performances:

[NCT U - From Home (Rearranged Ver.)]NCT U - From Home (Rearranged Ver.)

[WayV - Turn Back Time]Intro + WayV - Turn Back Time

[NCT DREAM - Ridin]NCT DREAM - Ridin'

[NCT 127 - Kick It]NCT 127 - Kick It

[NCT 2020 - Resonance]Intro + NCT 2020 - Resonance

Sources: NCT Official, NCT Daily 1, 2, 3 + MBC Kpop 1, 2 + SBS Kpop 1, 2 + Mnet Kpop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

There were some individual fancams for Work It, but I didn't include them. You can find them here.
The 90's Love unit seems to have good chemistry. I enjoy watching their bits.
In that Inki perf I like the hairstyles on WinWin and Jeno, also camera man must be a Yang Yang fanboy. XD
Included also their stages @ MAMA 2020! (with spoilers, because I felt overwhelmed by having so many vids ;-;)

The From Home MV features NCT footage from when they were rookies. T-T
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