bloodtaki2 (bloodtaki2) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Ex-X1 member Lee Hangyul about Produce x 101: 'it was like the beginning of hell'

Source: kpop idol olympic

It's a shame The Unit didn't get popular. Although I didn't like most of the original songs, it was less spartiate and inhumane than Produce 101. The final ranking was also a bit sus tho, so they're no better than MNET on that aspect.

I'm glad he didn't give up even tho he seriously considered it after having to do the rookie cycle all over again for the 4th time. Wishing him the best in his new group, BAE173. The story about his (adoptive) mom was so touching. Just discovered this channel and I like that they're a plateform that gives the opportunity for artists to talk more candidly about their life instead of the usual what's your 'ideal type' questions.
Tags: interview, nugu, produce 101, produce 101 alumni, scandals, x1

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