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SF9’s YOOTAEYANG is a smooth criminal in new performance video + SF9 2020 catch up post

SF9 in 2020 (ish)

The members of SF9 have been busy this year with 2 Korean comebacks, 2 Japanese comebacks, a special single for their anniversary, their first group photobook (it is very large, no joke), an online concert, and several drama appearances. They’ve also dropped several cover and performance videos this year, and I thought of compiling some of their activities in this post for those wondering what else they’ve been up to.


2020 was a great year for SF9 releases - they released their first full album First Collection, headed by the title track Good Guy. Good Guy would then go on to give the group their 1st music show win after over 3 years of debut on M!Countdown, followed by their 1st win on public broadcast (on Chani’s birthday!), and a 3rd win the week after.

SF9 then had their most successful comeback to date with their 9th mini album 9loryUS, promoting the title track Summer Breeze and the b-side Into the Night. The album went on to sell 43,223 copies during its first week, surpassing First Collection’s record of 33,973. Summer Breeze faced stiff competition, but was ultimately able to surpass First Collection’s records and even got the boys their first win on SBS MTV The Show.

In between individual projects, SF9 also released a special single for their 4th Anniversary entitled Shine Together. The song was also included in a single album called Special History Book along with the songs Forever and Love No.5. Fun fact: the album photobook features pictures of the group over the years.

They have also been promoting in Japan with the release of the Japanese version of Good Guy in February, and the release of their 3rd full Japanese album entitled Golden Echo this month, with the title track being the Japanese version of Summer Breeze. FNC, can you at least give them original Japanese songs--

Covers, Performance Videos, Special Videos, Original Compositions

(Note: I’ll only be posting the ones uploaded after Summer Breeze era because there are A Lot.)




Love Change (originally by Na Yoon Kwon) Jaeyoon Youtube
Eight (originally by IU ft. BTS Suga) Dawon ft. Hwiyoung Uploaded on Youtube for his birthday.
Dynamite (originally by BTS) Dawon Uploaded on Youtube the week after his weekly show on M2’s channel ended.
Stuck With U (originally by Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber Jaeyoon, Yoo Taeyang This is the live audio of their performance from NOOB CON.
comethru (originally by Jeremy Zucker) Yoo Taeyang Youtube
Fantasy (originally by Kyuhyun) Jaeyoon Youtube
Then, Now and Forever (originally by CNBLUE) Inseong, Jaeyoon Youtube
Suit and Tie (originally by Justin Timberlake) Performance video Youngbin Uploaded on Youtube for his birthday
The Last Festival Zuho Original composition on Youtube and Soundcloud
FOREVER.9 Filmed and edited by the sun himself, Mr. Yoo Taeyang He edited footage of preparations for the Summer Breeze comeback to My Story, My Song and I was not okay.
Rain Drop Youngbin Original composition on Soundcloud, solo song from NOOB CON
The Day Zuho ft. Jaeyoon Original composition on Soundcloud
웃어나 보자고 Zuho Original composition on Soundcloud
- 따로 - Hwiyoung Is comprised of two original compositions, Sick of Your Sh*t and Ex, and was released on Soundcloud on his birthday. Sick of Your Sh*t features JDON aka N.Flying’s Seunghyub. Who hurt this man, istg
OTL Hwiyoung Original composition on Soundcloud
Ember Hwiyoung Original composition on Soundcloud, with the lyrics based on the experience of one of the characters of Dokgobin Is Updating, the web drama he starred in with Inseongmore on that later
Free Hwiyoung As part of his f*ck capitalism agenda, Hwiyoung dropped the equivalent of a mini album on Soundcloud with five songs entitled Psycho, APGuJEOnG RODeO, SID, 010, and Drive5. 010 is a duet with Chani and is particularly memorable since this was their duet stage at NOOB CON.

Dramas and Musicals

In between music promotions, SF9 also promoted as Actor9 (well, kind of), with 7 out of 9 members being cast in different dramas. The group (minus Chani, who was filming for True Beauty at the time) also made a cameo in Ep.6 of the JTBC drama Was It Love as themselves. It was pretty great, and there was a cute anecdote on Zuho’s VLive about Song Jihyo knowing all their names and how surprised they were.

Inseong - The Days (Musical)

  • Inseong was casted in his first musical role this year for The Days, an original Korean musical based on the songs of the late singer Kim Kwang Seok. The story spans over 20 years, with Inseong taking on the role of Moo Young alongside On Joo Wan, Jo Hyung Gyun, and Yang Yoseob.

Inseong and Hwiyoung - Dokgobin is Updating (Web drama)

  • Inseong and Hwiyoung were also casted in their first web drama (aside from Click Your Heart lol) this year in this series about the friendship between a boy and a robot. Inseong plays Deokho, a kind but socially awkward university student who has a one-sided crush on a girl. On the other hand, Hwiyoung plays Dokgobin, an AI that is supposed to be perfect in every way, but is actually in an incomplete state due to lacking emotions. The entire series aired on bigpicturemart’s Youtube channel, which I’ve linked above.

Chani - True Beauty (TV drama)

  • Currently airing now, Chani was supposed to have a cameo for this webtoon turned drama as Seyeon, but according to his latest VLive he’s still filming sooooo it’s safe to say it’s more of a recurring role now.

Zuho - Meal Kid (Web drama)

  • Also making his debut as an actor, Meal Kid tells the story of a food distribution startup and stars B.A.P’s Jung Daehyun in the leading role. Zuho plays JaeKyung, the former bandmate of Daehyun’s character. Sadly, this one is only available on NaverTV and I haven’t learned enough Korean to understand yet :(

Hwiyoung - Mermaid Prince: The Beginning

  • So basically Hwiyoung was casted in 4 projects in 4 months this year and filmed 3 of those right after the other-- istg is the captain of the swim team and the rival of Moonbin’s character in this prequel. A few scenes of this drama went viral on stan twitter, but I like that it gave me this cute clip.

Upcoming Projects:

But wait, there’s more! Actor9 is as busy as ever with preparations for the following dramas:

  • Youngbin - Bubble Up (web drama)

  • Dawon - Ruin (starring Park Boyoung)

  • Rowoon - Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick (airing on January 18, 2021)

  • Hwiyoung - Replay (web drama with G-IDLE Miyeon), Imitation (KBS’s idol drama)

  • Chani - Imitation (KBS’s idol drama), Jinx, Leave Me Not (web drama)


Of course, it’s not SF9 if there aren’t any funny stuff in here so-- here we go.

SF9 SANGSA is back with its 2nd season, with the employees of SF9 Corp in different occupations after their company tanked (or so the intro says). The employees have since been called back to celebrate the company’s 4th anniversary with a new CEO. This season has 3 episodes, and fans honestly thought someone forgot to upload the 3rd episode of Season 1 as it was uploaded 7 months after the 2nd one.

League of SFGends is also back for a second season, with each team coming up with content they think fans would like to see, then actually doing the content. Some make lemonade, some take a trip to the countryside, some sell stuff in FNC’s basement. What would you like to see?

SBS The Show has this cute segment where K-POP stars sing their song on the way out to their car, and this was basically hyung-line plus Zuho being loud and excitable while Chani judges them all.

5 of the members also visited After Mom Falls Asleep then broke every single rule, and we are here for it.

As 2020 ends, so does an amazing year for SF9, but I’m hoping that 2021 is just as good, if not better. This probably isn’t everything, but I’d like to think that it's a good start to have more people check them out~

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