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Rising star Lee Do-hyun likely to rule 2021

Over the past three years, Lee Do-hyun has ascended from up-and-coming actor to becoming a bona fide A-list star appearing in the Netflix original series "Sweet Home." The actor has demonstrated his talents in a number of TV series since making his debut in 2017.

In the tvN drama "Prison Playbook," he played the younger version of Jung Kyung-ho's character. He then attracted more attention acting across from IU as her character's first love in the tvN drama "Hotel Del Luna" (2019).

This year he starred in the JTBC drama "18 Again" as the younger version of Yoon Sang-hyun who becomes his teenage self again. In the latest Netflix original series "Sweet Home," he played the character of Lee Eun-hyuk who is realistic and a natural leader in an apartment complex "Green Home" where he must separate and protect people from infected humans turning into monsters.

"Eun-hyuk is realistic and rational. People dislike him for being cold-hearted, but I think he's a reliable character we can all depend on in the midst of a terrifying situation. Personally, I'm more affectionate than him," Lee said during a recent interview with The Korea Times.

On becoming a rising star whose future looks promising, Lee remained humble about his achievements.

"I was lucky to have been cast in dramas. It's not common for an actor to make a consecutive score of hits, and I'm thankful to have been given the opportunity," he said.

Lee revealed that he originally auditioned for the role of Cha Hyun-soo (played by Song Kang), but was cast as Eun-hyuk.

"I initially vied for Hyun-soo's character because I've always wanted to play a dual character. But as soon as I started reading my lines, director Lee Eung-bok said that I'm better suited for Eun-hyuk's part," he said. "I tried to show no emotions, but solely act with the expression in my eyes."

Although Lee is only 25 years old, the rising star said he takes acting extremely seriously.

"My deepest desire as an actor is to show a great performance and give strength and positive energy to the audience. The more I work, the more my responsibility grows," he said.

Lee said he is studying English in hopes of expanding his acting presence in Hollywood.

"I try to use English when I'm around fluent English speakers. I've always dreamed of making inroads into Hollywood and I'm curious about how foreign film sets look. I'll keep working hard to make it a reality," he said. "Moreover, I'd love to do films in 2021. I have a penchant for film noir and action movies."

"Sweet Home" is currently screening on Netflix.

source: The Korea Times
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