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2/13/10 Wonder Girl at H Mart Again! endless line of fans...

This is the one that happened today @ LYNNWOOD's H Mart, not to confuse it with the one from new jersey! :)

Source: bumbleberriable

There was a HUMONGO group of people who came out to meet the girls today, definitely over 200+ and counting :D

When I went there at 3pm (which was the starting time for the fanmeet)... there was already a sea of people and an endless line that extended all the way to the outside of the mall... :O waiting outside in the rain + cold weather for hours was tough...but FUN

my SIGNED CD + souvenir from the fanmeet! (souvenir = the 'line start' sign haha i saw lots of girls with posters of the WG as souvenirs)

my first ever fanmeet with korean celebs!! I SHOOK SOHEE'S HAND (actually I grabbed her hand before she moved onto the next person...her hand was pretty cold :o all the girls looked tired and expressionless (except Yoo Bin ahaha she looked super hyper and welcoming!^^)

Tags: fan cam, wonder girls

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