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IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU - DECEMBER 2020 + 2020 full playlist

Sometimes execs and labels just fuck it up and pick the wrong song to promote a debut/comeback.
And it's up to us to find those hidden gems, that might otherwise be burried under countless songs.
Every month I'll try to look back on girl group and female soloist release (I don't have time to waste on boys) and try to find out the song that should have been "IT" but was overlooked.

What's my expertise on this?
None whatsoever.
It's just fun & games but to paraphrase the great Eugene Lee Yang

"I'm right, you're wrong, shut up, discuss in the comments".

BoA - Better - The 10th album
: "Better"

Better is a very solid album, as can be expected from the queen. She IS BoA after all.
I love the jazzyness of "All that jazz" (duh). It would make for such a georgous stage. I also adore the sexyness of "Temptation", but given the current trend in kpop (and my personal taste), I think "L.O.V.E" would have been a great choice. I just really want BOA to interact with GFriend and Twice (or even Kylie!!!!!!!! Can you imagine!!!!!!!!!!!). I sthat too much to ask????? fuck u rona
To be fair, I'm also partial to "Cut me off" and "Got me good".
It's just a good album through and through.

KATIE - Our time is blue
: "Our Time"
ISHB: "Faux"

"Our time" is the type of song I've come to expect from Katie, and I love everything about it. It's sexy, smooth and sensual, just how I like it.
That being said, "Faux" should have been the TT
a. It's a beautiful song

IZ*ONE - One-reeler / Act IV
: "Panorama"
ITSH: "Mise en scène"

This ep is not nearly as good as their previous release. I find the TT quite dull (in the most choatic way).
Although I can find a single song I'd put on repeat, I enjoy "Mise en scène" more than "Panorama", if only for the fact that it's not as high pitched so I can actually endure if without any harm done to my ears.

Yerin Baek - tellusboutyourself
ISHB: "Lovegame"

The synths people, the synths.

Taeyeon - WDICY
ISHB: "To the Moon"

It's such a nice, laid back, mini. So easy to listen to, but not in an elevator music kind of way. It's not an album you put on then forget about it; it's one you get cozy to listen to.
Any of the songs could have been a TT (especially this summer - it wold have been THE album the season).

Miso - Metanoia
TT: "Let it go"
ISHB: "Runaway"

"Runaway" might just be an intro, but it should have been thrice as long.

source: Katie, BoA, official IZ*ONE, Yerin Baek, TAEYEON, miso@spotify, omonaplaylist
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