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Flashback Friday

How’s everyone doing? It’s been a tough week. Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week we are going back to the 2nd week of January, 2010. I hope you are in the mood for some T-ara because you are going to get it this week!

#3 Hyuna “Change”
This was her debut solo song. It performed very well, and is still one of her highest selling singles. I still get this chorus stuck in my head randomly lol. Here is her solo debut stage at Inkigayo…spot G.Na, just a few months shy of her own debut! Hyuna will be making a comeback at the end of the month, reportedly with her first full album.

#2 T-ara & SeeYa & Davichi “Wonder Woman”
This was the second collaboration between the former label mates. It was the follow up to 2009’s big hit “Women’s Generation”. This song would have similar success, staying in the top ten for weeks and selling very well.

#1 Jo Kwon & Gain “We Fell In Love”

One of THE BEST WGM couples ever. EVER. This was a collaboration between that the Adam Couple released during their time on the show. It was a huge success, and is still Gain’s longest running number one song on the charts.

Honorable Mentions

#4 2PM featuring Yoon Eun Hye “Tik Tok”

This was a collab (there’s a lot of those on the charts this week, huh?) between the group and singer/actress Yoon Eun Hye for a Cass Beer. I don’t know if there is an official MV for this song, because I only found a ton of fanmade ones instead on YouTube lol.

#7 T-ara “Bo Peep Bo Peep”

Still my favorite T-ara song because it got me free tacos from the taco truck. This would give the group their first music show award. So we’re all winners here. It was one of the singles for their album “Absolute First Album”, and would also be used for the group’s debut in Japan. There are two different MV versions for this song (because of course it’s T-ara), and this is the “sexy” version.

source: Venteens Productions, AsiaHolicsKpopHD, MBCkpop, sushiibakaa, 1theK & naver
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