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💚 GOT7's last official content under JYPE + some aftermath

Golden Disc Awards

I really wnated to add the performances, but for some reason they must be geo-blocked? So here's them winning the award.

Piece of GOT7 EP.01

Piece of GOT7 EP.02

Piece of GOT7 EP.03

It seems like JYPE didn't want all 7 of them to renew...?? Idk I thought this would be interesting to share, idk does it matter tho.

They all posted this same photo on their SoMe with the hashtag #GOT7FOREVER, Mark did also put out a statement to fans:

And Mark has already subcribers on the youtube channel he set up:

Some misc posts from Yugyeom and JB:

Bambam's mom:

Hanbam SBS:

This one made me lol:

JB liked these on IG:

A look back on their achievements:

They also created a lot of buzz on twitter on their final hours:

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every ahgase rn:

Are we at the end of OP x got7 tag? Well, something might still come up until January 19th (and this tag'll still prob get some activity if there's news of the individual members, but still)
Damn, end of an era. Before GOT7 I was sure I wouldn't stan another group again, only to get sucked right back in... and somehow committed to posting about them for 5 years lol.'s to the future and seeing them back in business again!

Sorry mods for the confusion, all the version of the GDA videos play/are available for me just fine atm, so I didn't know there was a problem.
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