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Twice Post: Japanese Online Concert, GDA Awards Performance, Jeongyeon Completing Hiatus!!

Twice will be holding an online concert for their Japanese fanbase on March 6th! It will be themed after Alice In Wonderland, as it’s “a journey that restores everyone's lost imagination so that TWICE can connect with everyone in the real world again".

Since it wasn’t able to be posted before, here is their performances of ‘More&More’ and ‘Cry For Me’ at Golden Disk Awards recently, as well as a cute interview of them complimenting each other at the show:

In some big news, It looks like Jeongyeon is completing her hiatus soon! Jeongyeon is featured in the Twice promotional video for the game Sudden Attack, and it is included in the video promoting their upcoming concert Twice In Wonderland. These videos aren’t subbed so I’m just linking to them. This could be confirmation that she’ll be participating in the concert. She did not perform at GDA so she may be easing herself back into promotions.
NOTE: Chaeyoung isn’t in the Wonderland concert announcement video. Which scared a lot of fans after counting 8 members but realizing that’s Jeongyeon in the back 😬 But these videos were taped back in December and Chaeyoung just performed at GDA recently (as seen above).

Sources: @misayeon, Golden Disc Awards, only you, Prem Sana, Twice of Once
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