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SEGYE News interviews BEG's Ga-in

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This interview was done on 6 November 2009 but only recently got translated. She answers questions about being an idol, being an actor, her personality, her aspirations, and her ideal guy. Mentions We Got Married, Jo Kwon, UEE, Seungyeon, Hyuna, 2PM, Big Bang and Wonder Girls.

[K - interviewer; G - Ga-in]

K:“You look tired."

G:"Up till now i'm still receiving interviews from news agency...Our schedule had been really packed lately, and also with this much rehearsal, that's why I look tired.."

K:"When i'm watching WGM, you look like someone very tough and active, but in actual fact, you look like a quiet person, i was shocked."

G:"I'm actually very shy with strangers, people always think that i'm hard to approach during our first meeting."

K:"Once my friends heard that I'm going to be interviewing Ga-in, they quickly asked me a lot of questions. For example, with all this hectic and packed schedule, how do you keep your beauty and stamina?"

G:"Regarding the stamina, I don't really think about it recently. I don't even have a fix time to eat but I do drink a lot. I drink all those expensive drinks which my friends introduce me to, i heard that the drinks help to improve immunity. I also eat vitamins, omega 3, and other essential nutrients." (laughs)

K:"Our company have more night shift or special class cases, that's why we're very concern with our own health. Because of this, let me ask you another question. Looking carefully, there's a bottle or two of tonic on most of your desks."

G:"Once a woman doesn't get enough sleep, it will be shown on the skin so it's very important to drink lots of water. If it's possible I'll buy the expensive cosmetic, i don nothing special besides those."

K:"Today is my birthday. Meeting you all is like my birthday present."

G:"Oh, really? Happy Birthday."

K:"The following question you might be asked quite a lot of times. Brown Eyed Girls debuted as potential singers but suddenly became idols. Do you have any special pros and cons about this?"

G:"The good point is, no matter how we put it, the people got a chance to know about us. Whether it regarding their concern and awareness towards us, it's definitely more than when we were a vocal group. There was a huge gap between the age. At first there was a few older people who likes to listen to our song bu recently, there's more and more younger people starting to like us.Saying that we're idol, but when you talk about our age, we're a little worried. (Laughs) Sometimes we will be confused as whether to act cute as all those idol group do, the golden rule of being an idol. In actual fact, talking about age, we should resist being like those young idols, producing idol-like music and maintain our those mysterious feel which idols are supposed to have and always stay lovable."

Because too shy with strangers and got a lot of comments about it.

K: Just now you said you were shy with strangers, to what extent?"

G:"Very serious extent. As an artist, this is a very huge weak point. My personality on screen and off screen are totally different. Being on shows, it's part of my work. At that time, I would change my personality. After being an artist for 5 or 6 years, besides one or two close friends, no one else really understands me. Only those who really understands me knows the real me. When they watch those shows that i'm on, they'll say:"ahh, she's actually not that type of person." But other people have other comments about me, there's even someone who said that i'm a rude person."

K:"That is just too different. (Laughes)

G:"There's even some who says i have split personality. (Laughs) Besides me, there's lots of people who are like that."

K:"Which artists are you close to? You said one or two just now."

G:"Although there's a few artist that i'm closer with, but i'm even closer with my manager and the staffs. Maybe because i'm still young, that's why it's easier to talk to my high school friends."

K:"You look kind of passive. Ever thought that you would become a singer?"

G:"In school even when the teacher marks attendance, i would be embarrassed. At that time i was afraid of speaking up, so i never do that. But some of my close friends felt that i have the artist aura. 2 of them agreed, they even helped me get into battle shinwha."

K:"So you were chosen to join this company through battle shinwha? Not through casting?"

G:"At first i joined a few competitions. Then i was chosen for casting, never thought myself to be so lucky. But of course our hard work is also important, no matter how lucky we are, without our own hard work there's no chance for people to notice you. I guess luck is singer's biggest motivation."

K:"Recently there's many idol group members who joined lots of shows and activities, have you ever thought of your own future?"

G:"I've done a project with UEE, Seungyeon and Hyuna. Not just that, i participated in many projects and still am. This time i participated in the cinema not just to open up more opportunities and maybe next year i can get into a line related to it. I don't know whether it's gonna be drama or cinema. If there's a unique role, i'd like to try it out."

Would like to try out a role which is the total opposite of me

K:"Do you personally have a role that you want to play?"

G:"I would like to try playing the role of a murderer. (Laughs) I've thought of others too, one can only show her true talent by portraying different characters. Maybe you've watched 'Love By my Side'?"

K:"Oh, I haven't watched it."

G:"In that movie i acted someone rude. But some people said that the character i played is almost the same as me myself. They said that i wasn't acting, but only showing my real self to the audience. (Laughes) I'd like to play the role of someone totally opposite of me."

K:"You're the maknae, do the other members take good care of you? Or do they ask you to do what they want?"

G:"First off, i'm not a kid. And secondly, eonni have already reached the age of spoiling the maknae. The leaders in other groups will be the maknae if they're in our group. I definitely won't act like a spoiled child so most of the time is not them taking care of me, in fact it's them asking for my opinions."

K:"Now you're in WGM, acting as brother sister couple. While shooting the show, would you have 'why do i let a kid control me' kind of thinking?"

G:"Seriously, when shooting, I'll have those hateful thinking. As a woman, whenever i see myself on tv, I'll always feel that why is it so dull.
That's why, we should have some dating experience so that we can show some sweet moments, and all those aegyo. But maybe because i'm a little passive, and haven't really officially date, that's why i'm like that on that show. (Laughs) Every once in a while showing my inexperience moments. At first when i heard that i was chosen to join WGM, i wanted to act as a sweet lady whom every man wants to date but i never thought that my 'husband' would be JoKwon. (Collapse like =,=||) I just act with 'Ish, don't care about anything just be myself' type of thinking. that's why people see us as eonni taking care of dongsaeng. Are you married?"

K:"Married. But after you're married, isn't that how you'll be living your life?"

G:"Actually, not everyone is the type to say 'Sarangheyo' everyday to each other. There's also people who started off arguing and slowly became a couple. But everyone's pushing me too hard to create a romantic atmosphere. You're married, do you have kids?"

K:"Two girls. Sorry, I'm married to my husband and yet i'm still interviewing you. (Laughs)"

G:"I have a husband too. (Laughs)"

K:"Although you and JoKwon are on WGM, your husband was chosen for you but what's your ideal type?"

G:"I like people who are older. It's better if he's 35 years old and above. I like someone older, who's like an uncle. Especially a person who's clean and tidy. If he's too handsome, it gives me pressure. If he looks more girly than me, I don't like it either. For example those with double eyelids."

K:"Must he be tall? Nowadays, height has been a hot topic."

G:"Ah, if loser (laughes) is tall, it's better, more manly. Because i myself am short, that's why when i'm attracted to guys who are tall. But in the end, we can't judge people by their appearance, it's the heart and whether we can connect well that counts."

K:"Those songs that you youruself performed, which is your favourite?"

G:"Actually those songs that i sang, i can't listen much to them. If i want to perform a song, it must be gone through more than a thousand times of listening and practice. That's why i rather listen to other singer's songs. the only own song that i listen to is Abracadabra."

K:"Do you like singing other singer's songs?"

G:"Not like singing. Lately, i like listening to 2PM's song. When it comes to male idol group, i usually am not picky, like to listen to all of it. (Laughs)"

K:"Is your fans support a huge motivation?"

G:"Of course it's a huge motivation. But to me, it's very tough because we have to rethink whenever we want to come out with a song which is not what the people wants to hear, which is not tot their taste. Especially when i come out with a style i like, the people doesn't like and this is very tiring. I wish to come out with some artistic type of songs, if only people likes them. Even if those music we produce now is not the type that i like but what the people like, i'm still very happy."

K:"Then, have you ever thought of composing?"

G:"Honestly speaking, no. Abracadabra this genre is also not the type that i like."

K:"Personally, is there any direction you would want to go in the music industry?"

G:"Those type of songs which you can get people's attention without having to dance (on stage) those type.

K:"Maybe because i'm the old fashioned type, up till now i still buy cds. Comparing downloaded mp3 and cds, i have to spend at least 10million every month on the cds."

G:"Honestly speaking, i don't really buy cds. Of course, now there's some seniors giving me cds as gift. Last time i would wait for the cds like Jo Sung Mo sunbae's and god sunbae's cd to arrive at the shop. But now since every one is following the trend, no matter how stylish the cd is, the type of songs are all the same that's why i don't really buy cds. If i were to buy cds now, i would only buy BigBang's. They have their own style. Although there's some issue on GD, but nevertheless, he still has his own style."

K:"When buying cd, there's just too many digital single which only consist of 4 songs or so. The whole cd only last about 10 minutes, isn't it a waste of money?"

G:"Us koreans aren't considered as the type which likes to buy cds. Maybe it's something to do with the mentality? They have 'I do use my money, but others has pirated cds why should i waste more money?' type of mentality. Overseas people like to buy cd as collections but in our country it's different."

Comparing with being international, I would rather have my activities in Korea

K:"Have you ever thought of going beyond Korea? Have you ever get tempted by that?"

G:"Up till now I haven't given a though about that yet. Looking at Wonder Girls' success, I really envy them. They get to perform and interact with people of different cultures. But I still don't have that kind of courage to take that step."

K:"That's because they interact through music."

G:"They are still young and their company had helped them in many ways, but i think we could do better in Korea. If we ever thought of going beyond Korea, i think we won't be successful either in Korea or internationally."

K:"Is your English good?"

G:"English? I don't quite like English."

K:"If you ever want to go beyond Korea, don't you have to practice your English?"

G:"I do need to, but my personality is that I won't do what other people does. (Laughs) I'd be the first to do what others can't do. At first i though 'I must master my English.' but then when i see other people learning English as well, then i think to myself that 'No matter how i still won't be able to speak well or treat it as one of my talents.' So i rather go learn Japanese. Now, my Japanese is a little better than my English."

K:"Is it because singers has the artist charisma that's why they can act so well?"

G:"Acting is not easy. If it's only a simple drama or one that you can relate to, it's easier. If it's those fancy kind of character, i think most singers would act it out very well since we've always been trained to act so. If it comes to real drama, that would be tough. I have to act with Kim Myeong Min sunbae, Im Ha Ryong sunbae and Nam Neung-Mi sunbae I really didn't know what to do. Relying only on your artist charisma won't help much. Those sunbae all have the 'actor charisma'. In the first few days, nobody paid much attention to me since they're all actual actors. To put it in an easier way it means if you get beaten by their 'aura' you can't succeed in anything. When they said 'Hey, come over and do this.' I'll say 'Sure.' smiling and do whatever they told me to do. Just by walking here and there doing whatever they ordered makes them think i'm crazy for the first few days but when i wasn't at the set for a few days, they would ask 'where's Ga-in? Is she not coming today?' and then the company calls me to tell me 'when you're not here, it's a little boring.' (Laughs) The most important thing is not to fear their aura.

K:"Now BEG has already reached the peak."

G:"Not the peak. No, it may be the peak but if don't improve we'll fall back down.. (Laughs)

K:"Now BEG is one of the top girl group. (Laughs) You girls didn't straight away reach this success when you debuted, rather you girls slowly climb your way up here. It's always better to slowly gain popularity and recolonization than being the best at the starting but slowly falling back."

G:"The funny thing is people see us changing slowly from time to time and their comments about us keeps increasing. Some say 'Why does BEG come out with less and less artistic songs?', 'You started off with such nice songs, how come BEG are slowly losing their originality?' these kind of comments."

K:"yeah, there's many comments about that."

G:"Many has asked us 'what's the relationship between 'Brown Eyed' and us', 'Why did you stop coming out with artistic songs?', Do you like these kind of music?', 'Why do you dance?' etc. We had been listening to these comments for 4 years now and we already have no more feelings towards those kind of comments. (Laughs) Although they criticize us a lot but whenever we get an award, they post comments like 'You became successful!', 'For this day, you girls have trained for 3 years, right?', 'How can such a small company produce such big successful girl group?'. Those who previously said 'How can you BEG sing a dance song?' had now changed to saying 'I knew you would be successful from the start.' Although they're right, but we don't know how successful we are. So, I still go shopping alone."

K:"You shop alone?"

G:"(Artist) would usually wear mask when they go out. I thought no one would recognize me but i was wrong. No matter how i cover myself, people could still recognize me just by looking at my eyes (Laughs)"

K:"Just now i saw you were very close to your manager and staffs."

G:"We're actually very close but we don't show it in public. We know when to play and when to work. Artists are too much like a robot that's why i don't wish for it to be like that, i just want to do as my heart tells me to."

K:"I'm very happy you're able to spare me some time for this interview."

G:"I think I'm a little shy to strangers. (Laughs)"

K:"I'm shy too.. (Laughs)"

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