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TV Chosun to sue fellow cable network MBN over similarly themed trot show

The unmatched success of cable network TV Chosun's "Mr. Trot" last year soon led to the creation of multiple other similarly themed trot shows emerging in the domestic entertainment scene, including MBC's "I Am a Trot Singer," SBS' "K-Trot in Town," KBS' "Korean Trot Contest" and MBN's "Voice Trot."

But a flood of repetitive programming on the small screen all revolving around the same theme began to exhaust many viewers, with some even petitioning on the Cheong Wa Dae website urging broadcasters to showcase different genres of music.

Amid such an oversaturation of trot shows, TV Chosun announced Monday its plans to sue fellow cable network MBN for plagiarizing its original program's content and format. A lawsuit claiming plagiarism among local broadcasting companies is unprecedented.

TV Chosun claimed MBN's "Voice Trot" was a copy of its "Miss Trot" and "Mr. Trot" series, and that "Trot Fighter" from MBN was far too similar to TV Chosun's "Mr. Trot: The Call Center of Love." TV Chosun also hinted that it could take legal action to forbid the reruns of said MBN shows and demand compensation.

"We have inevitably decided to file this lawsuit in order to protect the network's creativity and originality against plagiarism," TV Chosun explained. Meanwhile, MBN disputed the claims, saying that the programs in question were produced in completely different formats from those of TV Chosun's, and therefore such accusations are irrelevant.

Even before the trot boom, the story of one program's success and fame leading to an inundation of similarly themed shows has been identified as a chronic problem within the local broadcasting industry, evidenced by a series of virtually indistinguishable reality shows centering on celebrities' family lives, trips overseas and mukbang shows.

source: The Korea Times
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