myungung (myungung) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

GOT7 Mark & Youngjae Solo Career Updates

Youngjae is the first to officially sign with another agency post-JYPE, and is currently with Sublime Artist, with talents like Rain, Hyomin, Hani, Im Nayoung (of IOI fame).


Mark hits 1m subscribers on his YouTube channel, and releases a video to thank ahgases.

Mark also has a release coming out Feb 12th with Sanjoy (who previously collaborated with Youngjae), probably an English track.

sources: @balloon_wanted, @SublimeArtist, @MarkTuan, Mark Tuan YouTube

how excited are you for post-JYPE Got7 (can I still call them by that name), omona? also, I hope I didn't derail any 7th anniversary post for you camouflagecat.
Tags: got7, solo activities

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