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2PM’s Taecyeon is a beast at eating

As you may know, 2PM’s Taecyeon will star in a drama called Cinderalla’s Sister which will air on March after KBS Chuno. Well, it’s been revealed that his character, Jungwoo, is very similar to to Taecyeon in reality!

Jungwoo is an intelligent young adult who falls in love with Eunjo (played by Moon Geun Young). Because Jungwoo grew up in a divorced household, it wasn’t easy for him to find a woman to fall in love with. Turns out that the reason he ended up falling for Eunjo was… food. A representative of the producers of the drama stated, “Jungwoo is someone who didn’t get to eat meals prepared by his mom. The first woman who prepares a meal for him is Eunjo. After that event, Jungwoo decides to love her forever.”

This happens to be sort of the same in real life for Taecyeon; a JYPE rep stated, “Taecyeon is known for his fast eating. Even in his group [2PM], he is a beast at eating. … Although it’s his first time acting, there are a lot of similarities between the character and himself, so we are confident that he will do well.”

The filming for Cinderalla’s Sister is set to begin this week. Stay tuned for this drama on March!


I <3 a beastly man, and I <3 a man with a beastly appetite
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