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It iz I, your favorite fur ball.
And I'm here with the only contest that truly matters: OMONA'S SEXIEST WOMEN ALIVE 2020 — NOMINATIONS

We decided on a few adjustments this time around to make things a bit more interesting.
A. As the current reigning queen, Sunmi CAN NOT be a candidate. I think we've established she is beautiful, funny, talented...

B. This is the 2020, so all candidates must have been active in 2020.

How to nominate your sexy fave:

👅 Go through all the nominations and check if your fave hasn't already been submitted. Add your +1 to those you like; please vote only once per nominee.

👅 Include only one person per nomination, but you can nominate as many as you want. Please include their names in the titles or anywhere in the post.

👅 If you plan to include more than one pic please think of our poor fingers when scrolling and use [A SPOILER!]
Keep in mind that the pic you post will be the one used in future round, so if your fave looks bad it's on you.

🙅 Don't be a creep, keep it 18+ when nominating.
Adding to that (since we don't want a repeat of the 2017 mess): Be smart about this.
If your fave turn 18 last week, it's very likely that all the pictures, gif... would feature an underage boy, and we don't want that. Please only use material featuring people over 18 y/o.

The nomination round will last 96 hours. It will close on sunday (late night) and only 32 candidates will make it to the battles.
Do check out all the pages, I know there will be a lot of them, but we wouldn't want to miss the one true queen just because she was on the last page

OP's note: don't forget to follow our new twitter account for news

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