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Big Hit and beNX will acquire around 18% stocks of YG Plus and collab on music distribution & merch

Past post: Big Hit and Naver are joining hands, Naver is acquiring 49% stocks of beNX

- Big Hit Ent. and subsidiary beNX are investing 70 billion won (~ $63 million) in YG Entertainment’s subsidiary YG PLUS. (Big Hit Ent will make a 30 billion won (~ $27 million) investment while beNX will invest 40 billion won (~ $36 million).
- Stock acquisition of shares owned by YG Ent, former CEOs YHS and Yang Min-seok as well as new shares issued through a paid-in capital increase
- YG PLUS artists’ global membership business will be conducted through Weverse
- YGPlus will distribute the albums and music of BH Ent and its affiliates for the next five years. Previously, BH albums were distributed via Dreamus.
- YGPlus will collaborate on the planning and production of artist merchandise
- YG artist merch will be available on the Weverse Shop platform

source: soompi, naver 2, @tmikpop (thread)

Fans from YG groups, how is your merch?
Tags: big hit entertainment, yg entertainment

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