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The Ladies of 2nd/3rd Generation Kpop Perform Together For Miss Back Finale

The ladies participating on Miss Back, a show about giving idols a second chance, performed together for the finale. The idols on the show range from 2nd generation to that transitionary period between 2nd and 3rd gen, and early 3rd gen. Key is their groups are for the most part gone or really long hiatus.

The idols who participated:
Subin (goes by Dalsooobin as a soloist) - Dal Shabet
Soyul - Crayon Pop
Gayoung - Stellar
Raina - After School/Orange Caramel
Sera - Nine Muses
Nada - Wassup
Yujin - The Ark

Under the cut is their performance “We Are The One”:

Source: 1theK 1, 2
Tags: after school, crayon pop, dal★shabet, ex-group members, nine muses, ryu sera, stellar, wassup

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