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Sometimes execs and labels just fuck it up and pick the wrong song to promote a debut/comeback.
And it's up to us to find those hidden gems, that might otherwise be burried under countless songs.
Every month I'll try to look back on girl group and female soloist release (I don't have time to waste on boys) and try to find out the song that should have been "IT" but was overlooked.

What's my expertise on this?
None whatsoever.
It's just fun & games but to paraphrase the great Eugene Lee Yang

"I'm right, you're wrong, shut up, discuss in the comments".

(G)I-DLE - I burn
: "HWAA"
ISHB: "Dahlia"

"Hwaa" isn't bad, not is it great. It's simply there, and it's very much a (G)I-DLE song, down to the choreo (the exact same choreo since "LATATA").
It's nothing but  a pale copy of their previous song, but without the oumph.
Overall the EP is pretty bleak. "Where is love" is basically a BP/Twice reject; "Moon" is slightly more interesting, but really "Dahlia" is the only song worth noticing. Sadly it's a prerelease at best.
The EP needed more time to be developed into something "more".

Cherry Bullet - Cherry rush
: "Love so sweet"
ISHB: "Follow me"

I personally adore "Love so sweet". It's like a Twice song dipped in sparkling sugar.
Ido think it was the perfect choice for TT, as it's clearly the superior song. That being said, "Follow me" would have been a nice alternative, fun & colourful, like a sour candy.

Dreamcatcher - [Dystopia : Road to Utopia]
: "Odd eye"
ISHB: "Wind Blows"

I really don't have much to say about this EP. It's classic dreamcatcher, there is no surprise, no excitement, no rush of adrenaline...
"Odd eye" is a bit of a disjointed mess, and should not have been picked as the TT. "Poison love " is clearly the superior song of the album, even the rap feels right (which is pretty big coming from me), but it doesn't have the IT quality that would make it a TT. Great follow up (or even pre-release) though.
Clearly, "Wind blows" is the only option left.

Hyuna - I'm not cool
: "I'm not cool"
ISHB: "Good girl"

"I'm not cool" has Hyuna TT written all over it; and if we're being honest, she's probably the only person who could pull it off. But as fun as the song is, her voice can be grating to the point where it becomes annoying. It's a fun one off, but it doesn't have that "replaying" quality I want in my TT.
I find "Good girl" a bit more palatable, but more predictable too. (my one issue: these vocals ain't hers)
"Show window" could have been a cute follow up.

source: (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel), Mnet K-POP, Agasshi, 네이버 NOW.
Tags: !omona exclusive, (g)i-dle, cherry bullet, dreamcatcher, hyuna

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